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QRZ.COM Database via APRS

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VE2FET, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. KD4ITI

    KD4ITI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I thought there was a call book look-up on APRS...

    send msg to: WHO-IS
    with the text of the msg the call sign to look up ......
  2. N8NOE

    N8NOE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The ( DOQRZ ) works here, but I tried the ( WHO-IS ) and Nothing.. The DOQRZ would be nice running the TH-D7 and working the Back-Pack in the Park. Seems APRS has died off some in the past few Years, but I have been going 24/7 for some years now and try pointing out some benefits to others in the area.. Thanks for the Heads up on the DOQRZ..!..
  3. N9LYA

    N9LYA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Tim...

    I understand your concern... However, I have had times when it was a godsend to have it...

    It is sure a shame that some may use this for harm...

    My wife a HAM KC9DDP was lost and she called me to ask for help.. I was able to go to my work PC and log in to findu and talk her back to safety...

    A freinds car was stolen.. obviously the crook new nothing of APRS and was thus quickly caught when he took his laptop to the police and showed them its exact location..

    Now on to ur concern..

    I have been running trackers in some of my vehicles for 10 years... Yes I am sure the potiential is there.. But I have had no problems at all...

    Everything has potenital to be used for good and bad.. It is up to each of us to take certain precaution in all we do...

    If you feel safer with not using APRS that is cool..

    73 Jerry N9LYA [​IMG]
  4. KK9W

    KK9W Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just don't see where that is handy.....
  5. N9LYA

    N9LYA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...

    I like it, it is handy to me..

    Like any aspect of Ham Radio.. To Each his own..

    No justification is warranted.. If you do not like it simply do not use it...

    No Need to debate what is or is not Handy...

    73 Jerry N9LYA
  6. AB0WR

    AB0WR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good post.

    I agree with you.

    tim ab0wr
  7. KC5SAS

    KC5SAS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tried it yesterday and this morning. Got no reply. I'll have to check with the guy who runs the local I-gate and make sure it's configured to accept messages from that server.
  8. W5AOX

    W5AOX Ham Member QRZ Page

    There has been a QRZ server available on APRS for some time already.  Try sending a message addressed to:
    Message text:  W5AOX

    (or whatever call you're interested in)

    Same format, same results... and it has been available for some time now.  Is this the same system, or another look-alike?
  9. VE2FET

    VE2FET Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sending a message to DOQRZ with a callsing in the message will return to your APRS station information from QRZ.COM Database as the post pointed out.

    SAQRZ does not. When you try both it is obvious.

    DOQRZ is dynamically retrieving for you from the QRZ.COM Database the information about the callsign you are requesting info about, QSL Manager, Location/Grid (if any is defined for that ham), Email, etc...

    Try it, best way to find out.

    On a technical side again, for sure if you're not within RF digipeating distance of VE2FET-3 your packets need to reach APRS-IS via an I-Gate somewhere to be received by DOQRZ. The I-Gate should be configured for RF to APRS-IS and APRS-IS to RF to get back to you the replies. This is valid for all communications going on via APRS-IS (APRS Internet Services) and RF.

    Again, don't hesitate to email me if you have questions, comments...

    73, Sylvain VE2FET

    PS for the 70mph while driving, or the 120km/h... depends who's at the wheel. But it works.

    PPS Need an amateur from the ISS to do some DOQRZ at 1000km/h Interesting.
  10. VE2FET

    VE2FET Ham Member QRZ Page

    **More on the technical side**

    1- If you are using UI-VIEW32. Please make sure that in your "Messages" window that the following Option IS NOT selected. Again, it must NOT be selected. See under the menu OPTIONS on the "Messages" window that "Use Default Paths For Acks" IS NOT SELECTED (NO TICK). This will tell UI-VIEW to use the same communiation path to send back the replies/Acknowledge to DOQRZ for each line received. This is also the best way to communicate with any one.

    2- If you are using an APRS software where you have an AUTOMATIC-REPLY configured, it would be better to turn it off when using a system like DOQRZ that returns you information.

    Your automatic replies will be received by DOQRZ and processed as a request for QRZ.COM information.

    If you must have an autoreply, just turn it back "on" after you received all the information lines from DOQRZ.

    Have fun using it.

    73, Sylvain VE2FET
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