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QRP paddle suggestions.

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by KD2RON, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. KD2RON

    KD2RON Ham Member QRZ Page

    Any suggestions as to best paddle for portable operations. Not backbacking so super light weight not needed. Cost is a major factor however. Thanks for any input.
  2. AA4OO

    AA4OO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2016
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  3. W7CJD

    W7CJD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I saw straight keys and paddle keys on eBay, as a reasonable price.

    There are even left-hand and right-hand paddle keys, for side-mounting on a Yaesu FT-817, for example.

    Even so, I would look around QRP websites, in particular, to see if there are any club project keys.
  4. W0IS

    W0IS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's what I use, which is good up to about 20 WPM. It's just two microswitches glued together, with the cord cut off a pair of headphones. There's a piece of velcro at the bottom, but I usually just hold it in the other hand.

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  5. WJ4U

    WJ4U Ham Member QRZ Page

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  6. KI6J

    KI6J Ham Member QRZ Page

    Has proven to be indestructible:
    Key 002.jpg
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  7. VK3YE

    VK3YE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can't get any cheaper than this!

  8. KD2RON

    KD2RON Ham Member QRZ Page

    I didn't think DIY would be an option for me, but this looks like it is within my skill set to build. Thanks
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  9. KU3X

    KU3X Ham Member QRZ Page

    I always liked the Bencher paddles. I've since changed to the Palm Pico paddles for the KX3. My best set of paddles are the
    Begali Traveler Light paddles.

    They are top of the line paddles. One thing that made choose that model over other Begali models are the protective feet the cover the plastic paddles when they are in storage.

    I also use the Vibroplex Warrior Jr paddles but they break too easily. I dropped mine and the plastic paddle broke. My fault, not the fault of the paddles. I ordered two new sets of
    plastic replacement paddles and they are back in service. That's the reason I then changed to the traveler light paddles.

    Go to a few friends houses to see what they are using, get a feel of what they have and then make an educated choice.

    My web page has a video of three sets of paddles. Watching it may give you some ideas?

    Barry, KU3X
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  10. DH5AK

    DH5AK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use the AME porta paddle with a leg mount. When I go hiking I do not have any desk to place the paddle on.
    So I can lean on a tree and I have mounted the paddle to my lap. Take a closer look at:
    It is robust, simple, lightweight and compact. All this makes its price acceptable - in my eyes.

    73 de Andy DH5AK
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