QRP from home - what are you running?

Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by KC3RN, Jan 10, 2020.

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  1. KJ4MH

    KJ4MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    If anyone is still following this thread, I make casual qrp contacts on a MFJ-9200 into a 250 foot ladderline fed doublet.

    I may buy something inexpensive like a Youkits ek1c so I can band switch with out removing the cover of my radio to swap band modules.

    The module swapping procedure is more of a pain than I originally thought it would be.
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  2. N4XRD

    N4XRD Ham Member QRZ Page

    FT-818, YF-1225 SSB filter, SOTAbeams mic compressor, BHI NES 10-2 MK 4 speaker, LDG Z817 antenna tuner, Bioenno 4.5 Ah battery, SOTAbeams Tactical 7000 hds compact HD mast & a SOTAbeams Band Hopper 4 band antenna.
    Yes, it all added up to a pricey rig. But it does work on 75m phone.
  3. KK9W

    KK9W Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have an S&S Engineering TAC-1 40M only rig. It's very simplistic but has a great receiver and you just don't see many of them.

    I'm using a 160 - 10 folded dipole that doesn't require a tuner and I can use it for both transmit and receive or use the loop on the ground as my receive antenna connected to a T/R switch to drop noise level if need be.
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  4. N6YWU

    N6YWU Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. N8AFT

    N8AFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I warmed up and used my Johnson Viking II on 3550 this morning early, 3:30am.
    All that needs be done is dial back the drive for QRP watts out and I have a vintage iron QRP TX!
  6. KG7WGX

    KG7WGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I understand that "back in the day", running barefoot meant a pair of 6146's at 150 watts or so, when you had your amplifier turned off.

    Today there are a few "QRP Amplifiers", which create something like 50 or 100 watts output with 5 watts or less of drive. I suppose you could call running 5 watts with the amp turned off "QRP barefoot".

    That's what I'm doing for QRP at home. I just leave the KXPA100 amp turned off and it goes into bypass mode. I don't have to disconnect any cables. I just verify the power is set for 5.0 watts on the KX3 and go.

    One thing I have learned to really like is the PX3 panadapter, which works just fine when working QRP from home. When I take the KX3 out for "picnic table operations" by itself, I miss the panadapter.

    My antenna is still the OCF dipole at 30 ft, unless I have a portable antenna connected for testing.
  7. K6GB

    K6GB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    MFJ-9296, Flex-1500.
  8. KF4ZGZ

    KF4ZGZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    uBitx V6
    Ran it for the 13 Colonies and got a clean sweep.
    I typically use in the mornings on 80m .... lotsa fun.
  9. W2KS

    W2KS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm running a KX3 at 5w to an OCF dipole up 45 feet in an inverted V. I also have lots of fun with the new Xiegu G90 at 5w from my kitchen table to a 30 ft end fed sloper.
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  10. KD8ZM

    KD8ZM Ham Member QRZ Page

    KX3, 160 meter horizontal loop, up in the trees! CW only (so far)

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