Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by KE4ET, Mar 17, 2021.

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  1. KE4ET

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    Thanks! I've received a couple reports that Testers have been receiving the update.

    I'm going to be posting some questions on this forum and on Slack so I can get some public feedback, not necessarily limited to just the Testers.

    The first question has to do with the size of the GUI on the display. I think I'm going to focus on display size for 0.6.3. I've already started on 0.6.3 and added a bit of debug code that reads out the display size in pixels and in mm, so I know I can get it. I have no idea at this point if the mm size is going to be accurate or even available across platforms, but I presume the pixel size would be accurate.

    If I know how large a display is, and how many pixels, I should be able to auto-size PyLogJam for the screen to have it be a nice size for operation.

    For those using PyLogJam, what hardware are you using and what do you think of the current size of the GUI? Would you like it to be larger? Smaller? How much so? And if you can give me the size of your screen - measured width and height, and pixel size - that will help a lot!

    73 and Thanks!
    Gerald KE4ET
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  2. KE4ET

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    I'm temporarily tabling resizing the GUI. It turns out that driver issues on various platforms make it apparently impossible to find out the physical size of the screen in a platform independent fashion. I'll revisit it at a later date.

    0.6.3 is going to be able to accept signal reports, sent and received, in the Info field. The options provided are a bit complex though it is still easy to use. That's because everything that can go in the Info field is optional, and can be in any order, and even more than once. I'll write the details up later in another post.

    Gerald KE4ET
  3. KE4ET

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    0.6.3 adds optional signal reports in the Info field. The update has been released to the Testers via email. I also released it to the POTA group on Slack.

    0.6.4 should be in about two weeks as that has been my release cycle. User entered mode is the intended update for that version.

    Gerald KE4ET
  4. KE4ET

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    Just a brief update:

    The GUI side of handling operator specified mode is completed and somewhat tested. The coding turned out to be a bit complex. PyLogJam is accepting modes and submodes as user input. PyLogJam does not record submodes in the log file at this time. If the operator's entry is a submode, then the GUI changes the entry to the associated mode. In the case that a mode is entered by the user that is a directly supported mode, the GUI changes the operator's selection to that mode.

    Validating frequency vs mode for user specified mode is not written yet, but will be by release time.

    Split operations is mostly coded and tested. This is done through entering a pair of frequencies separated by a comma and no spaces. The first frequency is the xmit frequency. The second optional frequency is for receive. Note that receive frequeny is not checked against the band plan.

    These are the only updates I'm planning on having in 0.6.4. I will release 0.6.4 when these updates are complated.

    Gerald KE4ET
  5. KC4DYM

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    where can you down load program?
    Thanks Ray
  6. KC4DYM

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    Bad hadn’t read whole therad
  7. KE4ET

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    Hi Ray,
    Email sent with logging program.
    73 Gerald KE4ET
  8. KE4ET

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    Screenshot from 2021-04-28 13-31-32.png

    I've put in a bunch of hours on 0.6.4 and had it out this past weekend. It worked fine, but I'm not quite finished with it yet. I'm not expecting to release it this week. Probably next. I like to always take out a new release at least once myself before sending it out. I do a lot of testing, but it is possible for an actual activation to bring up something that I missed in the testing.

    Between adding user specified modes and submodes, split frequencies, and bringing the program up to the new ADIF 3.1.2 spec, the internal changes are quite extensive. I had to go to a sort of double-entry system since ADIF 3.1.2 and the US Band Plan are slightly incompatible in some details. Some bands have different names for instance. Not all bands are available in the US and some band limits are different. And the sheer number of supported submodes is astounding if you haven't looked at the full list before.

    I probably shouldn't have bitten off such an extensive change in one update, but it is what it is at this point. I'm not going back! I may change the version to 0.7.0 by the time this update set is completed.

    Just to note, when working splits, the receive frequency can be anything within ADIF 3.1.2 band limits, but the transmit frequency and mode have to be allowed in the US Band Plan. So you can work international stations who sometimes do splits using SSB in regions where US operators are not allowed to do phone operations. Though generally you only see that in contests. But you might be out operating when a contest is running... That's in the upcoming release.

    The screenshot shows some of the features (but not all) if you want to go crazy. Much of the input is optional.

    73 Gerald KE4ET
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  9. KE4ET

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    The new PyLogJam version will be 0.7.0 when it is released. A new feature is automatic logfile rollover for POTA activations when the date changes. The existing logfile is closed and a new one started automatically, complete with a new set of QSO and P2P tallies so you can see how many contacts you have to go to achieve the new activation per POTA rules. This is only done if it is a POTA activation! Anything else, and the logfile just continues for as long as you keep it open. Anyway this will be useful for those who work Day Shift and Night Shift activations.

    73 Gerald KE4ET
  10. KE4ET

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    PyLogJam 0.7.0 also accepts contacts to WWFF parks. Since both WWFF and POTA use the same SIG and SIG_INFO fields in an ADIF file, if both IDs are provided, preference is given to POTA. In that case the WWFF ID is added to the NOTES field of the contact.

    73 Gerald KE4ET

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