PSK31 Rant

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K5DVW, Feb 22, 2002.

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  1. W8VOM

    W8VOM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, 5 minutes is much too long! I dont mind a minute or so of station info and a little about the person on the other end. I have received some of these epic station macros and they are a pain!
  2. N7XB

    N7XB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's my take on two issues raised here:

    1. Macros (especially the excessive length of some brag files); and . . .


    1. Re: macros, k5dvw reiterated that his chief complaint is with the excessive length of some brag files, especially when not requested. I agree.

    But macros serve a very important function in psk. First, assuming you created the macro with the correct text, macros guard against typing errors when transmitting critical data like call, name and qth - especially when band conditions are poor. Remember - psk is not error correcting.

    2. Re: UPPER CASE ON PSK, besides being considered poor etiquette by the Internet generation (sorry, RTTY om's . . .) there is a technical reason why one should limit upper case in psk. The software algorithm is designed to decode lower case letters better than upper case letters. The specifics of this were outlined in a well-written article in QST.

    Many experienced psk ops know this, especially dx's, who will send most, if not all tx in lower case. For signals that are 85%-100% copy, psk works fine using a "normal" blend of typing with a combination of upper and lower case (proper names, cities, states, etc.).

    73 es fb psk de Bruce, N7XB
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How intertaining.... I agree that some of the BRAGS are a bit long but I see a lot of folks complaining about not being able to type....

    First it was CW that they couldn't learn and now it is TYPING !!!

    I guess we need to have a 5WPM typing requirement to get a license next !!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If K5DVW actually timed a brag file at 5 minutes, well, he's right. That IS excessive. How that could branch into tirades on 75 wpm typing and Mavis Bacon is beyond me --- maybe those guys didn't read the original post.

    5 minutes is a LONG time! Doubt it? Stare at the clock for the next 5 minutes. It's an eternity.

    Do you blissfully key down and monolog for 5 minutes on phone? Maybe on a 75M net, but otherwise, not likely.

    Do you send 5 minutes of straight 30 wpm CW (remember, there's a guy here advocating 75 wpm keyboard!)? Not without carpal tunnel.

    Do you do ANYTHING for 5 minutes on 10 meters? Hey! The band will have shifted by then!

    The issue isn't how fast we do anything. It's whether or not we have anything interesting enough to fill up 5 straight minutes in brag file format. Hate to say it, but most people don't.

    On PSK, name, qth, rst, basic station and antennas take about 45 seconds. To go 5 minutes I'd have to get into the QRP rig on my lawn mower that can still work Siam (even tho' the country hasn't existed for most of my lifetime).

    You just can't argue this --- anything that's in a brag file should be relavant to EVERYONE you might contact. Your grandkids, your Buick, the new roof and the grumpy neighbor don't belong there.

    Beyond that, we wing it!

    And you all know what Dennis Miller says...
  5. ZL2AUB

    ZL2AUB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    [​IMG]  Hello from down under boy the lad at begining started something. I  sure agree that it is irrelavant [​IMG]  to put in the computer details rig power and ant should be ok as I do myself, not a typist but have got better in last year that i have been on digi modes.... see you on 10/20/15  when going gets tough swap modes to qpsk or mfsk16 works great for me !! cheers lads see you in the soup   DE Pete
  6. rbeaman

    rbeaman QRZ Member

    I just got into PSK31 last week and am having a ball.  My only other experience in digital modes of communication were with RTTY, Packet, and Amtor using an old AEA PK64 and a Commodore 64 computer.  I would say that PSK31 is so much better than the old modes.  I don't know why I didn't get into PSK31 earlier.  I am making contacts all over the world with just 10 to 50 watts into my Cushcraft MA5B mini-beam.  P.S. Does anyone want to buy my old AEA PK64 and Commodore is going cheap.
  7. KB9YFI

    KB9YFI Ham Member QRZ Page

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (NW7U @ Mar. 02 2002,20:49)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">If K5DVW actually timed a brag file at 5 minutes, well, he's right.  That IS excessive.  How that could branch into tirades on 75 wpm typing and Mavis Bacon is beyond me --- maybe those guys didn't read the original post.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Maybe someone should take a beginning logic class. The subject was macros and the excessive use of them. The reason they are used excessivly by many is a lack of typing skills and sometimes a lack of fluency in the language being typed. I won't go into illiteracy so we can assume spelling and grammar are not the problem. If it is then go back to high school and learn to write before you learn to type.

    On the internet people who use/abuse macros in chat rooms are called scollers. They are despised by most everyone as they just fill up the bandwidth with worthless gobblygook that nobody reads. In amateur radio the same thing happens and bandwidth is even more valuable. Why should we just look the other way when someone sends these one-way transmissions about what kind of computer they have, The OS release, the brand of the monitor and what position their computer chair is in relation to the magnetic north pole?

    It's a shame that some just have a buch of macros that they use to keep the conversation going because they can't type faster than the Christopher Columbus method (find it- then land on it.)

    I used the 75WPM example to illustrate the absurdity of CW die-hards that insist that no and slow coders are somehow sub-human illiterate lids that should be run off the amateur bands. In my experience these OF's are the ones who usually have the most resistance to learning how to type. Why should CW be given more importance than the ability to use other digital modes? If they have a CW test then they should have a typing test and a speaking test. It's just absurd.

    CW has outlived its usefullness as a 'manditory' mode and skill for HF. If one must decide whether to learn CW or typing anyone who thinks that CW is more important really needs to have their priorities re-examined. One is a flaming hoop that is ruining a once-thriving hobby. The other is a real-world skill that every day becomes more important. 100 years from now keyboards will probably look the same as they do now. CW will be dead, buried and forgotten. 20 years may yield the same result.

    Learn to type. Don't use macros as a crutch. Don't send one-way broadcasts about silly stuff that people are not even reading. If you do use macros- use them as they were meant to- short and sweet shortcuts for the little stuff that you don't want to have to type over each time you have a new contact.
  8. WA4MJF

    WA4MJF Banned QRZ Page

    Ya know, I don't know where you get your information.

    But the OF CW ops you refer too, learned to copy on a mill
    (special upper case typewriter).  The older guys manuals,
    us younger guys IBM Selectrics with a special "mill"

    When you sprout off about about stuff that you
    don't know beans about, you reveal your ignorance.


    73 de Ronnie
  9. WA4MJF

    WA4MJF Banned QRZ Page

    Well, my, my, then how come you said we OFs
    can't type then, if you knew that we could.

    You're not from around here, so that is probably why you can't undertand how we talk.

    I have a hard time understandin' yankees at times, too.

    73 de Ronnie
  10. WP4MPV

    WP4MPV Ham Member QRZ Page

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