PSK / Data mode on FTDX-3000 and FT8

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KD2NOM, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. KD2NOM

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    I have been using WSJT-X for FT8 communications on my FT-450D with wild success. I recently upgraded to an FTDX-3000 and am having some struggles.

    - The first issue is that the USB DATA mode using PSK is only 2400Hz wide - as opposed to 3000Hz on the FT-450D Datamode - is there any mod for this?
    - The second issue is that when using PSK mode (menu 067), the frequency is shifted up 1000Hz - I have compensated for this by raising the FT8 frequency by 1000Hz, but this is a bit annoying
    - The third and most pressing issue is that if I choose PSK OTHER (menu 067) and change the Shift to 0Hz (menu 070) to address the second issue listed above, the pass band seems to narrow appreciably - it appears that PSK OTHER is only 1400 Hz wide - is that a known issue?

    I love the new rig and hope I can overcome some of the differences between this radio and my FT-450D.

    Best regards,

  2. KD2NOM

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    068 PSK TONE 1000/1500/2000Hz 1000
    069 OTHER DISP (SSB) -3000 ~ 0 ~ +3000Hz (10Hz/step) 0 1500hz
    070 OTHER SHIFT (SSB) -3000 ~ 0 ~ +3000Hz (10Hz/step) 1000 1500hz
    071 DATA LCUT FREQ OFF/100Hz ~ 1000Hz (50Hz/step) 300 OFF
    072 DATA LCUT SLOPE 6dB/oct / 18dB/oct 18
    073 DATA HCUT FREQ 700Hz ~ 4000Hz (50Hz/step) / OFF 3000 OFF
    074 DATA HCUT SLOPE 6dB/oct / 18dB/oct 18
  3. WD0BCT

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    Glad you found the work around to allow 3000h bandwidth. However most PSK manuals recommend 2400-3000hz so 2400hz was not a real impairment.
  4. KD2NOM

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    The issue was not with PSK per se - it was using WSJT-X with a limited passband - I was not seeing 16% of the available / possible signals in FT8.

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