Pros and Cons of Technician Plus w/HF

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jul 24, 2001.

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    Richard Brown KF4LDP writes "A friend of mine has recently passed his 5wpm and Technician written exam (June 30) and is now a Technician with HF privilages. Yet, his listing on the callsign databases ONLY show him as a Technician Class operator. This includes the ULS and on the licence itself. Nowhere does it state that he actually has passed his 5wpm. He does have it circled on a CSCE.

    Now, in some cases, when a contact is made, the persons callsign is looked up on a database, ie QRZ, to get a mailing address, look for a email address, or just to confirm that the contact is made with a valid call and that they are licenced for the band the contact was made on. Now, if he was on HF, lets say 10m voice, and his call is looked up, it only shows him as a Technician. To the person looking up the call, he made contact with an illegal operator, since it is not listed as a Tech w/HF. There is no way to tell for sure on the database.

    Some may overlook this and some may report him as an illegal operator. He may become wrongly accused of not being licenced for 10 meters. In other cases, someone who actually is just a Technician may go ahead and talk on 10 meters because they know that their call doesn't list as "W/HF" and get away with it for some time. I am asking you, "Is this fair"? "Shouldn't the callsign database at least state the fact somewhere that 5wpm has been passed"?
    I think so.
    I belive this needs to be listed to avoid people being wrongly accused and at the same time discourage potential illegal operators who have not passed the code.

    So, all who read this who agree this could be a problem, lets petition the FCC to make Techs who have passed the 5wpm listed as "Plus" or "w/HF" in the databases to avoid future conflict.
    The last thing Amatuer Radio needs in conflict amongst its operators.


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