propagation picking up? Vermont it is.

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KA1BSZ, Apr 12, 2020.

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  1. KA1BSZ

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    I remember back not to long ago when on 20 meters ( from hf mobile,f450d and a tarheel ) the about the only thing you would hear on psk would be mid western states; TENN,IND,ILL,MINN,etc. for dx..none and on 40 the only dx station was EA9JE and for states would be the same for 20 and 30 was the same as 40. then 20, from my stand point,got to be really bad, i wouldn't bother change bands,just stay on 40 day after day.Then came January of this year. I noticed on 20 there were some dx stations on ft8,ft4 and psk. So at my home,I put up a long wire and made some modifications to it over the winter and back in February,17 was showing signs of life,20 was getting so that there was plenty of dx and so was 30. Just this past march, I noticed in my mobile,40 has dx on ft8 & 4 about mid afternoon right straight through to to the next day,30 until the wee hours.20 kinda shuts down after a few hours after sunset. Now it's April, everyone is cooped up. in the mobile as well as my home station, The bands are sounding like they used to be during the peak years of cycles 22,23 and 24. Ft8 at times is so crowded, that you go to ft4 or psk or even js8 to make a contact. 20 is open everyday,17 is open most everyday,15 opens some here and there,12 and 10 opens once in a while. Yesterday morning, I worked from home a ton of YB stations,heard a HS station calling cq,but couldn't get him. In the mornings, the far east has been coming into Vermont on 40,30 and 20 meters ft8. haven't try the other modes as I'm sure they yield just as much rewards. So I really think, from what I've seen and heard, that the rock bottom, the lowest of the low part of cycle 24 was the end of December 2019 which with this increase of band activity not only because of everyone being cooped up, but because we are on the up swing, a slow up swing at least here in Vermont. So get on the air and enjoy the bands.


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