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Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by K6DRR, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. KF4VGX

    KF4VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Doing a great job, you are ! I would hate to have your job


    With respect to the moderators and Fred .

    73, KF4VGX [​IMG]
  2. KF4VGX

    KF4VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    If there were truly a huge national emergency, the prepared radio amateurs would be on the air instantly.  The echoclinkers would be running to their cable companies asking them when they will be up again.

    Time changes with time its called the Future.

          *Not if the  voip link is used correctly.*

    I'll explain ,when voip is used properly you send your signal into the effected area.

    For example , KE4HHR now a silent key.

    At one time was the owner of a Repeater in Charleston S.C.

    I use to turn my Yagi down toward Charleston SC and let those guys use  * Echolink*  to communicate..

    The thing is to be able to project into the effected area.

    If there was a hurricane report to give they could have given it Direct to the *National hurricane center* in Florida.

    As they are also* using  Echolink* .

    As KE4HHR had backup emergency power on his Repeater at the time.

    I am three hours away form Charleston S.C.

    If Charlestons power were out they could have used my Repeater to pass traffic out of the effected area.

            *My power would still be up* .

    Every time Echolink works in a disaster it may save a nail from going in a human beings coffin .Amateur and civilian lives *ARE* being saved. Thats something I cannot agree with others on . A life is a Life ,no matter how we as Amateurs help in Emergencies. Our first and foremost *DUTY* is to save lives.

    please see,
  3. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I believe I said "huge national disaster". I don't think a hurricane hitting one or two states would qualify as a huge national disaster.
  4. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just out of curiosity, what do the echolinkers do on FIELD DAY? Do they all take their computers and sit in front of their ISP?
  5. KF4VGX

    KF4VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    OH   [​IMG]  ,you are correct ! I stand corrected  [​IMG]

    When is the last time we went through a huge national disaster   [​IMG] .

    If that were the case  nothing would work.

    And whom ever is in the effected area may not be  alive as well .

    Use anything you can to save a life. [​IMG]
  6. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not true. If there are two or more amateur radio operators alive, with battery power, or generators, there would be hf communications.
  7. KF4VGX

    KF4VGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    That would be debatable [​IMG] .

    But if there were only two hams left.

    It would Probably be you and I as stubborn as we are [​IMG]

    I just hope there would be someone to transmit to [​IMG]
  8. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    You will get no argument out of me on that!!! [​IMG]
  9. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Disaster communications is a topic for many other threads going on QRZ at this time, so I won't get into it deeply here. But everyone needs to know that in anything short of WWIII or a comet strike, the Internet is expected to be a major part of disaster communications, like it or not.

    Echolink is a useful tool that has brought new life to formerly dead repeaters, and new interest to formerly inactive hams. It is not 20 meters. These days, 20 meters is not 20 meters.

    There are those of us who refuse to sit in our rocking chairs and do what our fathers did on the radio. Sorry, but I've been there and done that 40 years ago. Oh, I still enjoy a CW QSO, and I'll chase DX on SSB when I feel like it, but life is short and there are new toys to be invented!

    Echolink, APRS, and WinLink are all 'hybrid' systems. APRS is almost a 'mesh' network - using a combination of direct radio, digipeating, satellites, and the Internet to provide near-universal coverage. Winlink automatically selects the best communication path available. If we can combine these technolgies/philosophies into a ham 'mesh network' then we'll really have something!

    But if we stand around stinking up the place because the Internet is involved, or there is no use of a telegraph key, or somebody didn't have to draw schematics on their Extra exam like I did, none of this will ever get done.
  10. W5MJL

    W5MJL Ham Member QRZ Page

    We sure will.  It won't be radio, but we surely will have something.  With winlink our interference will increase so we can have "free email".  What a great concept.

    If only that could be true.
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