Progressive Changes at the ARRL

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by M1MRB, Feb 28, 2021.

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  1. KE8QEP

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    What makes you suspect fraud? Do you have any evidence? Have you contacted the FBI?
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  2. W9EBE

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    While, throughout my 51 years of being a ham, I have not always agreed with some of the things that the ARRL has promoted/done, I nonetheless say thank you, ARRL, for being the one (and only) organization that continues to bring to the forefront the importance and value of the Amateur Radio Service to our legislators. By doing so, our chances of keeping the Service viable, thus, alive (and hopefully growing) are certainly greater than if no organization did so.

    Is the ARRL perfect? Of course not. What/who is?

    Let's not view the necessary changes of the ARRL's direction/focus to better accommodate the ever-changing demographic of the ham community as being "liberal." Isn't there already enough divisiveness pervading our society at-large?

    Instead, I suggest that we hams attempt to understand that those changes are good things to better the possibility for the Amateur Radio Service's survival for many years to come.

    As an ARRL member, I invite those non-members who constantly downplay the value of "the League" to reassess their negative opinions of the ARRL, and instead put those efforts to better the Amateur Radio Service as participating members whose voices are (more often than not) clearly heard.

    Again, is the ARRL perfect? Of course not. But, together, we can steer it to becoming a more perfect organization.

    Think about it.
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  3. N0TZU

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    No need to wonder, if you would bother to look beyond just a few line items.

    The financial statements are in the annual report, and you can see the major salaries of employees and other spending information on the public record IRS Form 990 which is also available on the ARRL website.
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  4. N1FM

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    January 2021 BoD meeting items of further interest: Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.pdf

    (Modified Articles)

    MOTION: Whereas, the ARRL Foundation Board of Directors directed a motion be submitted to the ARRL Board to request approval of the modified Articles. Be it Further Resolved, that:

    Paragraph 4 of the Articles beginning with the wording “To operate exclusively for” and ending with “the purposes of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.” be deleted from the Articles to be replaced by the wording,

    “To advance the art, science, and societal benefits of the amateur radio service by awarding financial grants and scholarships to individuals and organizations in support of their charitable, educational, and scientific efforts.”

    There was a discussion in relation to IRS rules and regulations regarding Certificates of Amendment, with Mr. Spinella stating that an organizational test will need to be met before the certificate is filed. It was agreed that the language must comply with IRS rules.

    The motion CARRIED.

    No payback of million dollar government check expected:

    12. CFO Report – Ms. Middleton
    Ms. Middleton presented the report of the Chief Financial Officer. She reported that despite the challenges of 2020 the League generated a small gain from operations and continues to maintain a strong balance sheet along with healthy cash balances. She also reported that ARRL experienced significantly lower spending in 2020 due to travel restrictions and the temporary postponement of filling some vacant positions. She then entertained questions. Responding to a question regarding the Paycheck Protection Program, Ms. Middleton noted that it is expected that the loan will be fully forgiven under the program and ARRL does not qualify for a second loan under the program.

    18. Mr. Hippisley moved, seconded by Ms. Jairam, to move into a Committee of the Whole to discuss a
    confidential matter. The Board was in a Committee of the Whole from 1:53 – 3:02 PM.

    24. (cont...) Responding to Mr. Baker’s question, there was discussion about the exact wording around the issue of HomeOwner’s Association restrictions and the Ray Baum’s Act. There was also a discussion about how to proactively keep members informed on the ARRL’s progress on these matters.

    The committee also discussed creating guidelines for League members to reference when dealing with HOA issues. The committee, along with Mr. Hippisley, and with assistance from HQ, agreed to draft such a document to circulate to the full Board for comments.

    (Charity for Young Licensees)

    31. (cont...) THEREFORE, It is accordingly resolved that:

    (1) With prior approval from ARRL Staff, the League will pay the $35 FCC fee outright upon the passing of an amateur radio examination for their initial amateur radio license by an applicant who, at the time of testing, is a member of an ARRL affiliated, 501(c)(3) Charitable Organizations and has not reached their 18th birthday, provided that organization use the ARRL VEC testing organization.

    (2) For applicants who meet the criteria specified above, the VEC fee shall be reduced to a total of $5, all of which must be paid to the ARRL VEC;

    (3) Organizations using authorized ARRL volunteer examiners for applicants that have reached their 18th birthday may test according to the VEC rules and fees in place, but the FCC fee nor the VEC will change in any way.

    (4) This plan will be limited to the first 1,000 applicants in 2021. Following extended discussion on a number of questions raised around the execution of the program as written, Mr. Carlson moved, seconded by Mr. Stratton, the following subsidiary motion, that:

    An ad-hoc committee consisting of the Administration & Finance Committee, two members of the Programs & Services Committee, and Mr. Minster or his staff designee, is to review, develop and recommend the implementation of the original motion with a report to the Board by March 31, 2021. The subsidiary motion CARRIED.

    Failed Motion on HOA Handouts

    32. Mr. Norton moved, seconded by Mr. Hopengarten, that:

    ARRL staff is directed to produce printed material for use by HOA-resident Amateurs in negotiations with HOA Boards and Architectural Committees in efforts to get approval of antennas. This information will be in two parts:

    1) A book or booklet with instructions and suggestions for the Radio Amateur to be used in the negotiations.

    2) Printed, color handouts to be given to HOA regulatory committees or boards containing background and benefits of Amateur Radio, and at least 10 examples of HOA approved antennas. The antenna examples will have color photos, written descriptions, and possible negotiation history, and will be suggestive of what should be approved by HOA committees.

    Staff will find a suitable author and/or researcher to author the material, and suitable editing and graphic assistance to assure its effectiveness.

    There was then discussion regarding the potential effectiveness of the directive as written and possible alternatives, as well as how it may affect potential legislative efforts to address these concerns. Following a roll call vote, the motion FAILED, with Ms. Jairam, Ms. McIntyre, Messrs. Abernethy, Carlson, Lippert, Norris, Williams, Zygielbaum, Hippisley and Stratton against; and Messrs. Hopengarten, Ritz, Ryan, Baker, and Norton in favor.

    33. (cont...) THEREFORE, It is Resolved that: ARRL staff is immediately authorized and directed to solicit and accept advertising of any form — including print, digital and sponsorships — from non-Amateur Radio advertisers, excluding pornography, criminal, and fraudulent enterprises. There was discussion regarding whether the wording should include a formal policy on which advertisers would be accepted or leaving such decisions to appropriate staff, as has been the practice. The motion CARRIED, with Mr. Hippisley and Ms. Jairam against.

    42. (cont...) Motion carried to recruit and train an employee or contractor "to develop, implement, and maintain an ongoing fundraising effort on behalf of the ARRL..." prior to July '21 BoD meeting.
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  5. K0UO

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    Progressive Changes???? Not our ARRL

    It sounds like they made money off the pandemic.

    Oh no, they are who gets the $$$
    Not to members by reducing membership,

    Oh it's the new technician who is
    going to get their $35 back on their FCC fee.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2021
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  6. W1YW

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    I see nothing in the carried motions that is unreasonable, and certainly nothing here that is "PROGRESSIVE" as in the modern usage-- read: 'progressive' ='socio-communistic'.

    Can we stop calling this news update a socialistic initiative , please?

    There is nothing political here in the minutes and shouldn't be.

    Charity is a universal notion that is always a great thing,


    Chip W1YW
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  7. N1IPU

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    Many have tried to change the league to no avail for decades. Mainly because many support it no matter what the ARRL does. I was a member for years then woke up that it cannot be changed as the leadership is entrenched and self protection is their only goal. They had no problem taking money under the employee protection plan and push to be exempt from repayment now. None of that advances the state of the art just the state of enhancing the clique that runs it.
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  8. NL7W

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  9. K6CLS

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    you misunderstand: nonprofit means does not pay out to shareholders. it does not mean revenue neutral, runs at a loss, or destitute. it's a tax filing status..
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  10. KI7WL

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    Its just a podcast, (and not an ARRL one). Love them or hate them, no one else is doing anything for ham radio except them. I support them and I am a member.
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