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Programming the Wouxun KG-UV950P

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by W4HAB, Jan 7, 2014.

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  1. 5B8BI

    5B8BI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Memory adding

    Hi All,
    Well, I think I have figured this out :)
    There seems to be a bug in that the software will not write to a memory where nothing has been stored before!
    The workround is to just add any frequency into the memories you want to use manually from the radio, and then write the real frequencies in using the software.
    73 de Ivan 5B8BI/G1LPW
  2. 5B8BI

    5B8BI Ham Member QRZ Page


    Just found out that if you initialise the memories as above, do not initialise more than you need at the time or the scan function and the memories do not wrap around :(
    If you do this by accident, you can just pad out the file with frequencies to get it to wrap around :)
    73 de Ivan 5B8BI/G1LPW
  3. W4HAB

    W4HAB Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. VK4YTC

    VK4YTC Ham Member QRZ Page

    KG-UV950P Commander Programming Software R2.1.02-2.5K

    I have similar issues to those described. The software just won't reliably program the channels that are specified in the Channels list.
    I seems to duplicate particular channels into other locations, so that you have the same channel in multiple locations. It just doesn't reliably take the content of the Channels list in the Application and populate the radio with them precisely. It should be a simple one to one copy process, and it doesn't do it.
    Another 'characteristic' I've noticed is that it won't program the "AM AIR" band into "A" 'band' of the radio. i.e. you can manually type in 120.5 MHz into the radio in 'band' A as a receive only frequency, but if you try and add 120.5MHz in the Software and auto-program it, it says "Frequency out of range" error. If it is out of range, how is it that you can manually select it?
    I am waiting for CHIRP to come out with the serial translation driver for the UV950P. I think Wouxun has concentrated on the releasing the Radio and not on the support application. We're seeing a very 'un-refined' early version of the Software.

    Tom VK4YTC
  5. VK4YTC

    VK4YTC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Time to eat Humble pie..... One problem I described is "User inflicted!"
    The software DOES program all the frequencies that are contained in the Channel list in the Software Application.
    The problem I was having was that, after a successful program, I was using the key titled "4/MEMCH" as meaning "Select a Memory Channel" instead of it's correct meaning "Program a memory channel" so I was programming the channel I was wanting to go to with the current channel data. The actual meaning of this key is of course "Memorise current channel", and NOT "Input a memory channel". To change to, or select a channel, you use a combination of the VFO/MR and the MHZ keys. This is obvious to me now.
    Also on the other issue of not being able to program the "Air" channels. I have discovered that you CAN manually program the "AIR" channels in to the radio. Then, you can even read the data back into the Software and the manually programmed channels appear in the list. BUT, if you try to go in the other direction. The radio throws up it's heals saying Invalid Channel, which it clearly isn't. This does seem to be a 'bug'.
    Tom VK4YTC
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