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Prices of used IC-7300s?

Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by WD4ED, Mar 21, 2018.

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  1. WD4ED

    WD4ED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  2. K7MH

    K7MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Probably very different answers for different people.
    It would have to be a very steep discount and a local sale before I'd buy a used one.
    It also depends on just how fast you want to sell it.
  3. WD4ED

    WD4ED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm curious because when I start seeing new radios become so affordable I start wondering two things.

    1. With a new one for about $1100 I would think that a used one might be a really good deal.

    2. Then I wonder why so many are being turned over so quickly.

    Any one else think the same?


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  4. KA2CDT

    KA2CDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes Ed, I have been thinking the same thing. The market is flooded with used IC-7300 radios. Most hams I talk to seem to love them yet so many are put for sale hardly used.
  5. W5PFG

    W5PFG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My experience has been that this occurs when a radio is very popular and trending. The turnover is not necessarily because of any problems with the rig. People buy them out of curiosity, then realize they don't need it and aren't using it. A lot of folks don't want to have excess rigs collecting dust.
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  6. W3ATV

    W3ATV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    #1 O.F.'s do not like the touch screen and getting used to using it (How I got a good cheap 7300).
    #2 Upgrading to the 7610 (That was my reason for selling).
    #3 So many sold that the percentage of used on the market is not really that unusual.
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  7. K6LPM

    K6LPM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would have to agree with all of the above, but especially number three. The sheer number of units out there in the marketplace. I dont doubt that this is one of the most popular and most prolific rigs ever sold in such a short duration of time.
    Hams are a interesting sort of bunch. You notice that the very nature of hams is to communicate and chase technology. There is a large and certain demographic among this group that are eager to be the first and will readily jump full in at the opportunity. Very much keeping up with the "Jones's down the block" mentality afflicts the many of us.
    I have often heard of how hams are supposedly so frugal. I at times question this, when you see some of the extravagance hams put into their stations.
    The Icom IC 7300 is sold at a very affordable price point,,,, at least for many hams. So much so, that it is a certain toy and or novelty radio for many hams. As such that humble expense, many can seem to afford to give it a whirl and sate their curiosity. I am sure many are bought on a whim as a second radio or a new toy to experiment with ect,,,,
    It is often on the other end of the marketplace that the hams frugal image might play out.
    I have noticed, or it seems to me, that hams have a very common trait in that many of us are horse traders, collectors, and even hoarders.
    For many its all about the trade, selling and buying of gear.
    So I dunno. With so many of these radios out there in circulation, yet I rarely am seeing many real killer deals on the 2nd hand market. You do in fact see many on the marketplace , but they certainly dont stay on the market for very long once they are advertised. It seems that they are holding their value very well. I dont think I have seen any for much under 1k if at all. I would expect it be a good deal if you can find for under 1k.
    At those prices I would prefer to just spend the extra couple of hundred and get that brand new in the box remove the plastic wrap new radio fragrance and endorphin rush.
    For other folks, they may wish to let someone else take the quick hit depreciation once the radio leaves the distributors warehouse and save the couple hundred bucks.
    Surely as time goes by and with such sheer numbers of radios in the populace we should see many great deals on these radios in the used marketplace. It will be interesting how solid and hardy these radios will actually be and we will see if age does them well!

    I am enjoying my 7300 very much! I have no need at this time for another new rig. Perhaps a vintage rig such as a Collins but then again where do I find the room? Even a TS 940 is too big for my present operation.
  8. AF7ON

    AF7ON Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a personal guideline for used gear of 75% of the cost of new - perhaps more if it's in current production or in high demand. As I said in another thread, anything below 70% for transceivers may be a scam.

    Used Icom 7300s are selling at prices around $1,000, closer to 90% of current prices. That suggests to me that demand is pretty strong.

  9. N1VAU

    N1VAU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    If YOU are selling a good condition 7300 the I think 50% of new is a good starting point, so $600.

    I'll take it!!

    That was easy, glad I could help
  10. WD4ED

    WD4ED XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    That sounds good to me! But I think that might be a bit optimistic!

    AF7ON: New units are now going for $1099.95 at several retailers. I'll be honest, unless I'm really pressed for cash I think I'd just get a new one if the cost used was within maybe $100-200 of new. But then if the last $100-200 really mattered that much I wouldn't be considering a new HF radio. But of course that's just me.

    But at any where in that price range they make an absolutely great starter rig. I paid more for my first couple used HF rigs 25 years ago! And they probably weren't as good of radio!

    Thanks all,

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