President Signs CB Enforcement Bill

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Dec 2, 2000.

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    From the ARRL Letter...

    President Bill Clinton has signed legislation that permits the enforcement
    of certain FCC Citizens Band regulations by state and local governments.
    Amateur Radio operators are exempt from the provisions of the law, now PL

    Congressional lawmakers saw the measure as a way to give a voice to those
    experiencing radio frequency interference resulting from illegal CB radio
    operation. The FCC will not yield its authority to regulate Citizens Band or
    other radio services, however.

    In short, the measure authorizes states and localities to enact laws that
    prohibit the use of unauthorized CB equipment--consistent with FCC
    regulations. This would include the use of high-power linear amplifiers or
    equipment that was not FCC-certificated.

    FCC-licensed stations in any radio service--including the Amateur
    Service--are excluded from such state or local enforcement, and state or
    local laws enacted under this legislation must identify this exemption.

    The bill--HR.2346 is the House version; it was S.2767 in the
    Senate--actually is the old Senate "Feingold bill" from several sessions
    ago. The bill's sponsor, Rep Vernon Ehlers of Michigan says local hams asked
    him to support the bill because of the bad rap they were getting from
    illegal CBers using high-power linear amplifiers that resulted in TV and
    telephone interference while the CBers involved hid behind federal

    As did Feingold before him, Ehlers asked the ARRL to review his measure to
    ensure that it would not unintentionally harm Amateur Radio.

    A copy of the new legislation is available on the ARRL Web site at
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