President Lincoln 2 plus Clarifier (RIT)

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KX2U, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. K9STH

    K9STH Ham Member QRZ Page


    47 CFR Part 97 included, there are still no "Type Accepted" amateur radio transmitters.

    The Radio Shack HTX-10 and HTX-100 were Uniden HR-2510 units with some of the parts removed to reduce features and to reduce the cost. Yes, there is / was amateur radio equipment that was better than even those units. However, at the time, for, especially, the Technician Class licensee who's HF phone privileges were, actually still are, restricted to the 10-meter band, the cost of the "better" equipment was considerably more than what those units cost. As such, there were a lot of the Radio Shack / Uniden units purchased by amateur radio operators. It was the fact that the Uniden units could be "opened up" to go down to 26.0 MHz that caught the attention of the FCC.

    My original HR-2510 was purchased before the FCC put the units on the "no no" list. Also, unlike later units that were built in Taiwan or China, my unit was manufactured in the Philippines.

    Many of the "import" radios can be used for the 10-meter band without causing problems. However, the amateur radio operator does need to pay close attention to how the unit is operated. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of operators who have still not left behind their CB roots and are of the "controls fully clockwise" mentality to get every milliwatt out of the unit no matter how bad the signal quality. Or, there are those operators who just do not understand what it takes to get a really clean signal. It is really a matter of education that is often needed to "clean up" the signals produced by these "import" radios.

    To me, there is no justification for purchasing one of these "import" radios brand new. However, there are a fair number of used versions that are available "dirt cheap". If I didn't already have the HR-2510 units that I now own, I would be tempted to acquire a used "import" radio to see just what it would take to get a satisfactory quality signal from the unit and then use it like I do use my present 10-meter only units. If, for some reason, the signal quality could not be brought up to a satisfactory level, then the "out of pocket" expense would have been minimal.

    Glen, K9STH
  2. WG7X

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    Yessir, I don't think a ham radio is complete without the echo mike and roger beep! Not to mention the 40 channel rotary knob! No sir, it's just not ham radio without those essential features!
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  3. KX2U

    KX2U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Reviews are as we all know subjective, I had good experiences with the Uniden 2510 years ago and when I heard there was a revival of the radio's brother under a different brand I had to check it out. I watched a good number of reviews and then made the purchase making sure I had purchased the most latest of versions. I have had a number of learning issues with this radio and still have 10-12 mtr antenna problems but all in all it does perform as advertised. This is at the very least my humble opinion, I like the radio and have only 2 misgivings.

    1. there should be a antenna tuner built in, at the very least a rudimentary one.
    2. They should allow the removal of the channel display. They should give the ability for it to look like a HAM radio.

    I will add that when the warranty expires I will be reversing the LCD display to polarize it so I get a black background with colored letters/numbers.

    I currently use a dipole in doors and then a vertical outside and I am waiting on a new antenna I ordered to come in.
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  4. KX2U

    KX2U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Apparently there is no pleasing all people but negativity just creates problems. I am sure if I were to know all the radios or accessories certain people had or liked I could make statements that are less than nice as well. It must be so hard being the smartest radio in the shack.....

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