Prank Calls/Prank Hams

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W0VRA, Apr 9, 2018.

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  1. K9STH

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    I believe that you have gotten the idea of the various bogus call signs.

    Years ago, the Richardson Wireless Klub (K5RWK) used the 2-meter frequency of 146.490 MHz as a rag-chew / DX alert frequency. One evening, a certain individual who was always bragging about his ability to work DX, said that he was tuning across the 20-meter band (which was absolutely dead at the time) looking for DX. Suddenly, he said that he heard a DX station with call 5Y3GT and then worked that station. The local said that the name of the operator was Rex. A couple of minutes later he said that he had worked 6L6G who's name was Toby. For the next half-hour this individual worked several other "DX" stations all of which had calls starting with either a "5" or a "6".

    What was happening was that several operators, located all over the Dallas, Texas, area, were turning down their power (so that their signals would be weak but could still be easily copied) and were using various tube types for the call signs. Basically, the original operator was working the RCA tube manual!

    A few days later, again on the RWK 2-meter frequency, the operator was informed that he had been working the tube manual. However, he absolutely refused to admit that he had been "duped" and continued to claim that his signal was superior to anyone else in the area.

    To improve his station, this same individual wanted some 7/8ths inch Heliax that I had and was not using. He traded me a brand new Henry / Tempo 2001 linear amplifier and a brand new 20-meter 3-element Yagi. This individual had a 100-foot tower with a 4-element 20-meter beam on top. He also had a linear that had an input power about 4-times the legal limit. My new 20-meter Yagi was installed on my main tower 55-feet above ground (I still have that antenna) fed with 1/2-inch Heliax.

    One evening, several of the RWK members (including me) were having a rag-chew with a couple of European stations who's operators had visited this area. While transmitting, using the 2001 amplifier, the "DX champion" decided to talk over me. He did not succeed! My signal, into Europe, was stronger than his signal! He had to admit defeat! However, the next week that operator bought several acres out in the country and then built a contest station with tall towers and all sorts of antennas.

    During one CQ CW DX contest I heard a station in Outer Mongolia and then worked that station (on 20-meters). Then, another local, who lived about 5-miles from me, worked the same station. Then, the band went dead.

    All of the other local operators said that we had worked "Slim". That is, a bogus, bootleg, station. However, the JT station had given his QSL Manager who was in Europe. Both the other local and I sent off our QSL cards. Several weeks later, an envelop arrived with the JT's QSL. That day just happened to be the same day as the RWK meeting. I got an idea and put the QSL card in my shirt pocket and went to the meeting. It just happened that the other operator got his JT QSL the same day and had exactly the same idea as I, that is, to put the QSL card in his shirt pocket.

    At that RWK meeting there was a LOT of "crow" eaten when the others saw our QSL cards from Outer Mongolia!

    Glen, K9STH
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    And SL1M.
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    Always liked 4Q2OB
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    i believe it was oscar wilde who telegraphed his buddies in london, 'fly! all is discovered!'
    and sat back to see who would run.
    most left town.
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    You mean like lobster-ass crustacean?

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