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PR: TR and Log Windows begin talks for contesting

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, May 2, 2001.

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    Log Windows writes "CSS and N6TR begin discussions on Windows(tm) based contesting

    Program would use TR and Log Windows technology for ease of use and
    powerful features.

    Muscle Shoals, Alabama. 1 May 2001: Creative Services Software
    announced today they have entered into discussions with Larry (Tree)
    Tyree, N6TR to research the feasibility of incorporating both
    TR Log and Log Windows technology into a next generation contesting

    "Looking into the future, we're seeing more and more hams getting
    into contesting.", said Rick Ruhl, W4PC, President of Creative
    Services Software, Inc. "Using the 'best of' technology from
    TR Log and Log Windows, it's a good base for a next generation
    contesting program with hooks inot our logging program for
    keeping track of awards and contacts."

    "Partnering with Log Windows will allow the TR Log concept to become
    available in the windows environment." said Larry "Tree" Tyree, N6TR,
    owner of TR Log.

    The DOS version of TR Log will still be sold by N6TR and the current
    distributors. The windows version will be developed, sold, and supported
    by CSS and its dealer network.

    Hams use TR Log and Log Windows worldwide.

    Log Windows is owned by SCO, Inc and is maintained by Creative
    Services Software.

    Creative Services Software is at

    TR Log is at

    The Log Windows home page is at

    Windows is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft Corperation

    Questions and Answers about the CSS and N6TR press release:

    Q: Does this mean that the DOS version of TR Log is dead?

    A: No. The DOS version of TR Log will continue to be updated and
    enhanced just as it would have without this agreement. TR Log
    for DOS would only die if everyone decided the windows version
    was preferred.

    Q: Will Creative Services Software take over the DOS version of TR
    Log as well?

    A: No. The DOS version of TR Log continues to be owned by N6TR.

    Q: How can I upgrade to new windows version?

    A: Details still need to be worked out (after all, we don't have any
    software yet). The Windows based contesting module will be a
    separate program from Log Windows (you don't need Log Windows to
    run the program). The contesting module will interface with Log
    Windows to allow full data exportation.

    Q: Will future TR Log DOS features be exported to the windows version?
    How about the other way around?

    A: Some features (such as support for new contests) can move very
    easily from one program to the other. Other features will be
    more difficult. Essentially, they will be separate programs
    after the initial development.

    Q: Who do I call for support of the windows version?

    A: CSS will be supporting the program. There will likely be a
    separate mail list generated for the windows version, which
    can be used to ask questions.

    Q: Does this announcement explain why TR Log wasn't at Dayton this

    A: No. K5TR and N6TR previously announced their intention to take
    a year off from Dayton last August.

    Q: Will there be any changes in the distribution of TR Log?

    A: None are planned at this time. The TR Log distributors will
    continue to sell and support the DOS version. CSS will market
    and support the windows version.

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