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POTA specific logging program - PyLogJam

Discussion in 'Logbooks & Logging Programs' started by KE4ET, Feb 17, 2021.

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  1. KE4ET

    KE4ET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Working on PyLogJam 0.5.0 which includes the ability to handle separate station and operator callsigns for group activations. I've received a couple of requests for that feature. As a side effect the update will make submitting for WWFF slightly easier for those who submit to both organizations.

    Gerald KE4ET
  2. KE4ET

    KE4ET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have tested this new feature without finding any issues. So it will be included in 0.5.0.

    Now working on adding format checking on POTA park IDs. PyLogJam already allows some shorthand, leaving off "-" for instance. That will be maintained.

    In the contact entry for parks, if what is entered doesn't look like a park or string of parks, it will be put in the NOTES field of the contact. That way the one text field can serve both purposes, helping to keep the display usage tiny so PyLogJam will still work on Android phones leaving room for a keyboard.

    I have received a report about PyLogJam 0.4.0 on an Android cellphone, that if another app is brought up and takes the keyboard, PyLogJam doesn't get it back. Because PyLogJam can restart on the same log file, the workaround at least for now is to close PyLogJam and start it back up. Presumably it will re-acquire the keyboard for input.

    Gerald KE4ET
  3. KE4ET

    KE4ET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    PyLogJam 0.5.0 test release will include the ability to add Notes to contacts. Now looking at possibly pre-setting frequency and mode if an existing logfile is reopened for adding additional contacts. In some cases this could relieve the operator from having to re-enter these values.

    0.5.0 should be released to the Testers soon.

    Gerald KE4ET
  4. KE4ET

    KE4ET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I got all the 0.5.0 updates in last night and did sufficient testing. I plan to take it out for a field test after work, and assuming there are no issues, release it to the Testers probably tonight. These are the release notes for 0.5.0:



    Added support for separate OPERATOR and STATION_CALLSIGN. These are comma separated
    entries with the OPERATOR callsign specified first. The STATION_CALLSIGN is optional.

    When a logfile is reopened to add more contacts, the last contact's callsign is displayed
    ratner than -no-qso-yet-.

    Now verifies the list of parks in the Parks entry field looks like a list of parks. If
    it does not, focus is kept in the Parks text entry field and the background is set to
    yellow. Valid entry is a comma separated list of POTA Park IDs, with no spaces, upper or
    lower case, and the "-" is optional.

    Changed P-P to P2P on the GUI.

    Text that follows a comma separated list of Park IDs entered in the P2P field is placed
    in the NOTES field of the contact. If there are no leading Park ID(s), the entire text is
    put into the NOTES field. That way the single field can serve both purposes and save on
    GUI realestate, which is important for platforms like Android phones.

    When reopening an existing log file, PyLogJam now restores the frequency and mode from
    the last contact. This may on occasion save the operator from having to enter the frequency
    and mode again, for instance if the opoerator simply closed PyLogJam briefly for some reason.
    PyLogJam also sets the last CALL worked up on the GUI. In essense, it now behaves as if the
    program had never been closed.

    Bug Fix:

    Added missing variable declaration/initialization that Python 3 was covering in a friendly
    fashion so it didn't cause any issues.

    Testers - I'm not getting much feedback! More feedback would be appreciated! Otherwise I'm going to assume no comments means you are happy with the logger. Or you haven't tested it. I have received some good feedback, but from just a few of the Testers.

    As usual, if you want to be a tester, drop me an email. But please, if you want to be a tester, please provide some feedback. This thread is fine, or via email.

    73 Gerald KE4ET
  5. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Feature Request:
    A counter somewhere on the screen to indicate how many contacts you've logged for that session.

    This could be especially important if you're tight on time and want to make sure you have at least 10. :)

  6. KE4ET

    KE4ET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Chris,

    Versions 0.4.0 and above (might have been in 0.3.1 but I don't recall offhand) change the title text in the title bar to indicate activation has been achieved at 10 contacts. That includes counting the existing contacts in a log file which is reopened. When the program closes, it prints out the number of contacts and the number of P2P contacts. Unfortunately these counts only show up if the program is launched from the command line! I'll add displaying the running counts to the wishlist - probably in the title bar as that won't take any additional space. I don't think I'll add any new features to 0.5.0 as the updates in the code are already quite extensive. Perhaps I'll put it in 0.5.1.

    I'm trying to keep the GUI as physically small as I can reasonably make it, so it stays suitable for Android cellphones (and eventually possibly Apple cellphones though that will require a fair bit of rewrite so I may never do it. I'll look at it if there are enough requests. Apple made it ANNOYING by not following the standard Python 3 tkinter library.).

    73 Gerald KE4ET
  7. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Gotcha, hadn't even noticed it doing that!

  8. KE4ET

    KE4ET XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    0.5.1 is going out to the Testers tonight.

    Gerald KE4ET
  9. NR4D

    NR4D XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I would love to test if you need more folks


  10. N1MIE

    N1MIE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Actually Mac's for years have both python2 and python3 installed. You get a warning if you try to run python v2.7 on it right now.

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