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  1. K2WPM

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    How to use adifmaster to create the perfect POTA log
    I paper log my POTA and other portable activations. When I return home, I input the data using TQSL (the LOTW app) to create an adif file. This is format for upload to LOTW and POTA.
    But my Regional Admin volunteer had problems with some of the logs, especially the two-fers (and three-fers...). He recommended I use adifmaster to check the logs before uploading.

    1. Changing “PHONE” to “SSB”

    The only error detected by adifmaster was that TQSL calls phone mode “PHONE” and adif apparently prefers “SSB.”
    Easy to fix that. You select that entire column (column heading “MODE”). Do that by clicking on the first entry, then, while holding the SHIFT KEY on your keyboard, use mose to click on the bottom entry in the column. The entire column should now be highlighted.
    Right click anywhere within the column and select “replace in selection.” This opens a small dialog box, basically asking you, replace with what? You type SSB, then hit “replace,” and the entire column will now say “SSB” instead of “PHONE.”
    So adifmaster will now say there are no errors. But that’s not quite right. POTA wants two more columns added – one to say the park from which you activated, and a second column to say the park number of any Park-to-park contacts you made during your activation.

    2. Adding two POTA-specific fields

    The names of these two new columns are:
    My park MY_SIG_INFO
    Their park SIG_INFO
    It’s actually easy to add them. First in any of the existing column headings, right click the mouse. From the menu that pops up, select “Insert column.” Instantly, a new column is created, with a blank heading.
    Use you mouse and left click that blank heading. A menu pops up; toward the bottom of the menu click “custom” (for custom heading). A box opens for you to type the name of this new column. Type MY_SIG_INFO. Hit return on your keyboard and you now have a new column, with a heading.
    Now you need to enter into each box in this column, your park number. No you don’t have to type it 60 times (or however many QSOs you had). Type it a couple times, then highlight the boxes where you’ve entered the data and use the “copy” commend, which is accessed by hitting “Edit” at the top left main menu of the program, which opens a submenu. Click “copy” Then go to the next several blank boxes in the MY_SIG_INFO column, highlight them using your mouse and shift key, and go back to “Edit” and click “paste” from the submenu. It will paste the several entries that you just typed in the column, into these next several boxes.
    Now you’ve got a bunch of entries (say 10) entered in this column. Highlight them, go to “Edit” and click “copy” from the submenu. Highlight the next 10 empty boxes, go back to Edit and click on paste. And so on until completely filling the column.
    Save your work.
    Then create one more column, for SIG_INFO in the same manner. Except this column doesn’t get filled in. Only enter data for those QSOs which were park-to-park, to input the other operator’s park.
    You are done. Save your work and exit.

    3. Using adifmaster for two-fer logs

    Now you will see how easy it is to create a log for a two-fer park that you activated. (I thought, the first time I did it, I could simply change the file name to the second park number, and it would work. Nope).
    Step One - open the primary log for this activation, in adifmaster, and use “save as” commend to re-name it to the park number of the two-fer park you operated. I don’t know why, but you need to close the program and then re-open it, opening the newly-named file. (That’s important - we normally expect when we use the “save as” command on computer files, the program then lets you edit the file as the newly-named file. Not this program.)
    Step Two – having opened the newly named file, we simply need to change the one column, captioned MY_SIG_INFO, to reflect the new park, the two-fer that you activated. If you forgot how to replace all the entries within a column, go to the beginning where we discussed changing “PHONE” to “SSB,” above.
    After replacing the MY_SIG_INFO column entries, save your work and exit.
    I have photos of each step; I would be happy to email anyone who might find them useful.

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  2. KE4ET

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    You also want to add MY_SIG as POTA if you are activating, and if the contact is a park, SIG as POTA. These are the "Special Interest Group" designators which indicate how to interpret SIG_INFO and MY_SIG_INFO. It may be that the POTA submission will work without those fields, but technically it would be an inorrect ADIF file. https://www.adif.org/311/ADIF_311.htm search for MY_SIG for instance. 73 Gerald KE4ET
  3. K2WPM

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    Thanks. I can't wait to try your program. Thanks for sending me. Will try it out. Maybe reduce all this paperwork!
  4. K2WPM

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    One more edit for my adifmaster thread:

    after doing everything else, left click the column for "call" and then click "sort" to check for any dupes. delete dupes and re-save the file.

    ask me how i know ;-(

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