POTA Hams - What Mac Supported POTA Logging Software are you using?

Discussion in 'Mac Ham Radio on macOS & iOS' started by WF9F, Feb 22, 2021 at 7:23 PM.

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  1. WF9F

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    I conducted my first POTA activation this weekend for two different parks recording contacts in a paper log. Once, I returned to the shack, I entered the contacts into MLDX and added the tags for SIG_INFO (P2P), MY_INFO (POTA), and MY_SIG_INFO(Park designator) into the comments field as the developer recommended. After adding all the contacts and SIG info, I exported to an ADIF file then submitted to POTA log coordinator for my call sign. I am not sure if the SIG_INFO will get picked up for P2P credit.

    Question for the Mac Users Forum
    1) If you are a POTA activator, what logging software for POTA contacts do you recommend if you don't use MLDX?
    2) If you are a POTA activator and a MLDX user, how are you entering POTA contact info before uploading via ADIF file?

    Thanks, Matt

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