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Portable vertical hf antenna

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by W8GV, Jan 29, 2021.

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  1. N2MAU

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  2. KG5UN

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  3. K0UO

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    Quite a few of us are using Scorpions screwdrivers on fold up mounts attached to the ladder.
    Fully deployed easily in a few minutes and tunes everywhere without a tuner/ you can also run high power.
    Bottom line they work very.
    K6UDA Bob has done some videos on them in the past just Google it.
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  4. UA3UCS

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    [QUOTE = "W8GV, post: 5748668, member: 961888"] Ищу хорошую вертикальную антенну для ВЧ. Моя жена и я в настоящее время живем полный рабочий день в доме на колесах, поэтому его будет довольно легко снять и снять. В Мичигане была ветчина или компания, которая производила что-то подобное, но не могла придумать название. Полагаю, это часть процесса старения.
    W8GV [/ QUOTE]
    Вот самый надежный вариант!
  5. N2MAU

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    Yesterday I put it up outside on a tripod about 4 feet off the ground. I followed the instructions and first set the coil length and then the whip length. Adjusting both I tuned it to 7.250 MHz using the NanoVNA. It took maybe one or two minutes. The band is extremely narrow which is good for noise but doesn't provide flexibility.
    The lowest SWR was about 3. However, with a short counterpoise it was below 2. The company says that a counterpoise is not required. Well, if you use an ATU maybe not, but then you lose some power in the ATU (and it is an extra weight in your backpack).
    Next I connected my YouKits TJ5A (20 W max output) and no ATU. Despite the poor propagation I made contact in Kentucky (43) and Massachusetts (57).
    This antenna is perfect for backpacking expeditions. It comes apart in lengths under two feet.
  6. W7HV

    W7HV Ham Member QRZ Page

    FWIW: Antenna efficiency and SWR are not directly related. A good 50 ohm resistor can have a perfect 1:1 SWR and radiate nothing. You can reduce SWR at the rig by using a log lossy feedline. You'll get lower SWR, but also lower efficiency. SWR is important for two things, the rig's ability to drive the load at full power, and how it affects losses in feedlines. Properly lowering SWR is definitely not a bad thing, but may not directly effect the efficiency of an antenna.
  7. NX6ED

    NX6ED Ham Member QRZ Page

    DX Commander from Callum M0MCX in the UK. Ground mounted All Band Vertical. Watch his videos on youtube.
  8. K1VVT

    K1VVT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello' Arthur, K1vvt here, years ago I used a pickup camper and had a 16ft +- antenna, made of coper 1/2 in to the proper lenth, had a mount on top, that would fold down, and up I used plastic waterpipe, 3/4 in to hold up the antenna while broadcasting, with an antenna tunner, it worked great, but at Disney Fort Wilderness one time I was sending morse code, and could see the TV's flashing all around me in the other campers,, had o give it up at that stop HI..
  9. N1FM

    N1FM Ham Member QRZ Page

    True, and a vertical with too few radials or good ground plane will have a broad bandwidth (low Q) and low SWR over a wide range, but it will be very inefficient and a poor performer when compared to a vertical with a higher number of radials (higher Q) and a good ground plane with a much narrower bandwidth.
  10. N1RV

    N1RV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    When I go camping I use the chameleon MPAS antenna system. It can be turned for 6-160m . Can be set up in many configurations and has worked well for me. Rated for 100 watts. I've only operated qrp but had good luck with it.

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