Please Respect the Frequencies for SSTV and QRP

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by CT2KFQ, Mar 25, 2020.

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  1. CT2KFQ

    CT2KFQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Several people are Doing DX voice communications on the 14.230 Mhz and 14.233 Mhz this is to be used for SSTV we need to respect the rules...
    Also People are using QRP frequencies badly with lots of power.
    This not acceptable.
    Please consider to check a chart list plan of frequencies before doing wrong things.

    Stations Voice calling DX on the 14.233 Mhz today 25-03-2020 Time 18H30 to 19H00 Local time Portugal, the Call Sign: GD1JNB everyone answered to him wrongly attention to the Frequency you are using before giving an answer to a DX call.

    Extracted from the logbook I was not able to advice them by radio, because my antenna is in a poor condition, I did several atempts without sucess. My Rig Is a Keenwood TS-850SAT

    IS0ILP 2020-03-25 20m SSB JN49mg [​IMG] Sardinia MASSIMO FRAU
    KC1CWW 2020-03-25 20m SSB FN42no [​IMG] United States Herbert L Schurgin
    W4IPC 2020-03-25 20m SSB FM16uq [​IMG] United States Connor J Black
    DG8ZN 2020-03-25 20m SSB JO40MB [​IMG] Germany Juergen Fischer
    K2TRD 2020-03-25 20m SSB FN22HP [​IMG] United States Martin L Logsdon [​IMG]
    IU4HOF 2020-03-25 20m SSB JN54pn [​IMG] Italy Loris Tolomelli [​IMG]
    2E0FLZ 2020-03-25 20m SSB IO91vl [​IMG] England Mark Heydon
    IU2LVS 2020-03-25 20m SSB JN45lt [​IMG] Italy ANGELO BERNASCONI [​IMG]
    IU2EFB 2020-03-25 20m SSB JN45KS61 [​IMG] Italy Giampaolo Spera
    IZ4HVS 2020-03-25 20m SSB [​IMG] Italy Pasquale Scarpato
    HB9CCL 2020-03-25 20m SSB JN47ng [​IMG] Switzerland RUDY WEISS
    OH5ZZ 2020-03-25 20m SSB KP40AW [​IMG] Finland Boris Gnusov
    DD2PT 2020-03-25 20m SSB JO30th [​IMG] Germany Knut Hens
    EA7FR 2020-03-25 20m SSB IM66ul [​IMG] Spain FRANCISCOPaco RAMOS GOMEZ

    And some more I cant check
    All this Dx must be invalidated due they were made on wrong frequency...

    CT2KFQ for the good of all 73s
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020
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  2. WG7X

    WG7X Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Oh! Good! Another do ham radio my way post.

    Jose, OM... There are, to my knowledge, no hard and fast rules about where to operate any given modes that apply to every country every where. All that we can hope for is a set of "Gentlemen's Agreements" that suggest where to operate certain modes.

    No one net / mode / operator can lay claim to any given frequency. You should know that and you also should know that complaining about it here does absolutely nothing except make you feel good.

    Do you feel good? I hope so.
    Now, about this:
    I must have missed the memo where you were made the grand emperor of twenty meter frequency assignments. Can you please provide the assembled masses here a .pdf of of the proclamation, preferably suitable for framing? Thanks, that would be nice, and then we call all abide by the emperor's (your) decisions.

    OK, thanks! We will be anxiously awaiting the documents!
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  3. NK7Z

    NK7Z XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am an SSTV user but I must disagree with CT2KFQ! There is only a band plan, not a rule regarding SSTV on 14.230. That said, I would appreciate it if folks followed that band plan, but there is no rule...
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  4. N4UP

    N4UP Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sorry, for your apparent frustration, Jose. But. There is nothing illegal, unethical, inappropriate, improper, invalid, or immoral about operating legal limit and/or SSB in the frequency range 14.230 Mhz and 14.233 Mhz. If the frequency is clear, then it is legal, proper, and fair for anyone properly licensed to use it. That said, if someone is ( clearly ) using it, then one should find another frequency. That is a simple courtesy.

    Band plans are nice, but they are not rules or regulations. I will honor band plans that I am aware of, but you cannot expect everyone to be familiar with someone's band plan.

    QRP is not an official "mode" ... If I hear a weak signal in QSO I will avoid that frequency, but if he is weak, I may not hear him, in which case it is quite legal and fair for a non-QRP station to operate on that frequency with the mode and power levels that are authorized.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020
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  5. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    What they said. There is no rule against these things and you don't get to decide what is unacceptable.
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  6. CT2KFQ

    CT2KFQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear Sir respect is respect or we need police to correct our bad behaviors? I respect the SSTV frequencies also the QRP frequencies when I did my Ham Licence everyone told to respect the other this people tehy were doing a DX destroying the SSTV communications the channel was busy with people trying to send SSTV the rules are very clear about this never use an ocuppied frequency or go above others but if you what to be the anarchist guy be my guest... for me you can do what it pleases you to do its not my problem someday someone will nok your door or you get a fine to pay...
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  7. CT2KFQ

    CT2KFQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Never use an ocuppied frequency its not what the world legislation says ? and respect the frequencies knowed worldwide occordingly with the plan or we are all anarchists

    The frequency was in use ok respect the SSTV the 20 meter band is big why peolpe are sending me this arguments instead of correcting there one ways they want to be Anarchists go to the internet...
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  8. CT2KFQ

    CT2KFQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes I can because there are worldwide rules
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  9. NK7Z

    NK7Z XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Think that through before you go too far down that path... The rule makers are the ones deciding what is acceptable, you are just the messenger...
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  10. CT2KFQ

    CT2KFQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The frequency was in use OK
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