Please add my callsign to the database

Discussion in 'QRZ.COM Callsign Database Helpers' started by PU5CTG, May 17, 2018 at 2:55 PM.

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  1. PU5CTG

    PU5CTG New Member

    Hello good day

    I would like to add my PU5CTG call sign in the database, how should I proceed to do this?

    Best regards
    Guilherme Grossl Rabelo
  2. EB1BSV

    EB1BSV QRZ Staff / Dx Helper/ Moderator / Lifetime Member Volunteer Moderator Life Member Platinum Subscriber Volunteer DX Helper QRZ Page

    Good morning Guilherme Grossl Rabelo, PU5CTG, nice to meet you, :)

    Please provide as much of the below information that you would like to appear on your Bio page and post it back here so we can process your request.

    Callsign: PU5CTG
    First Name plus middle initial: (***) full name as shown in your Amateur Radio Licence
    Last Name: (***)
    City/Town: (***)
    Country: (***)

    Previous Callsign: (Only one(1) previous callsign may be used.) (***)


    Plus any other information you want:
    Address Line 1: (Street etc)
    Grid Square: (or Latitude & Longitude)

    CQ Zone:
    ITU Zone:
    IOTA Ref. Number: (AS-007 etc)
    IOTA Group Name: (Honshu Island etc)
    QSL Info:
    Public Email:
    Birth Year:
    Show Birth Year on page?: Yes/No
    eQSL?: Yes/No
    LOTW?: Yes/No
    Mail QSL?: Yes/No

    You must provide valid and in date information in yourmandatory data. The Database Team reserve the right to ask for two forms of valid, government issued identification to prove that you are a valid radiooperator– one being your amateur radio license.

    73, Julio CĂ©sar. EB1BSV / KI7HPQ

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