Pine Board Project continues on Ham Nation

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K9EID, Jun 5, 2017.

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  1. K9EID

    K9EID Ham Member QRZ Page

    This Wednesday's episode of Ham Nation features the Pine Board Project, the building of a QRP AM transmitter using vacuum tubes. Past few shows has completed the HV power supply and now move on to building the microphone pre amplifier and two band equalizer all built on 3/8" pine board - the way it used to be.

    Ham Nation is a high definition video cast featuring Bob Heil, Gordon West, Don Wilbanks and George Thomas. Join them on Leo Laporte’s TWIT network each Wednesday at 8 PM CDT. Put Ham Nation into Google and join the tens of thousands that watch each week.
    Pine board.jpg
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  2. NN6EE

    NN6EE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    While I never had built a transmitter on a "PINE BOARD" I did build a 50w (crude aluminum chassis) from a "Bill Orr(W6SAI-NOVICE HANDBOOK)" back in 1962 with ABSOLUTELY NO PROPER SHIELDING and a small gauge grounding wire!!! We as "Greenhorn Novices" (1yr-non-renewable) took many chances, especially from the standpoint of common knowledge concerning safe operation of said rig, as I'd obtained a MULTIPLICITY OF RF BURNS, and @ 15 yrs old THAT WAS A REAL "WAKEUP CALL" !!! :)
  3. KM1H

    KM1H Ham Member QRZ Page

    What we Novices took for granted in those days, my Novice was in 1955-6, the current crop would stain their panties if they got RF burn or a 200-400VDC "nip":eek:
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  4. K9EID

    K9EID Ham Member QRZ Page

    So right you are ! I received my Novice KN9EID in Sept of 1956 Hey - it's what we did….build, experiment and did it all without having or knowing about an SWR meter, analyzers, etc. and yep, I reached inside my Harvey Wells (which is still with me and on the air) several times and got in the way of that 807 plate cap but miraculously, we all learned. We all had fun. FOr many of his it became our college education on many fronts. I am so thrilled at the response of the Pine Board Project. New to the hobby as well as so many that have returned to building after following the weekly segments on Ham Nation. Thanks for sharing. Stay in touch
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  5. K9EID

    K9EID Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh how right. Check my post with NN6EE. Same story for you and I. 1956 was a great year to get involved since that was the beginning of that marvelous sunspot cycle. Bands were open practically 24/7 - and hey, we thought that is the way it will always be. Found out around 1964 or so - not so ! Thanks for being here. Keep in touch each week on Ham Nation
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  6. AD0AM

    AD0AM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Haven't been able to watch Ham Nation for a few months. I have alot of cathing up to do. I have had some RF burns myself. Was around Amateur Radio since 1992 but not sure why I waited until 2002 to get licensed. But using my dad's HW-101 gave me a few burns here and there. It is a unique feeling and you would think to learn after a couple times but...
    You get excited on some contacts and want to get tuned up fast and forget that your hand needs to be off the rig and keep fingers on the plastic parts of the knobs and...."Wow!!! That was hot!"
    My dad was bad at proper grounding and I give him crap every once in a while about it but memories are the fun of the hobby. Will have to see about getting into the Pine Board project. 73, ad0am
  7. NN6EE

    NN6EE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dear K9EID,
    YUP!!! I never did pay any ATTENTION TO VSWRs, in fact @ that time I didn't even know what they represented in the grand-scheme of things!!! AH GEZZZ RIGHT??? :)
    We were first licensed in Aug. of 1962 @ aged 15 1/2 !!! Making contacts in the middle of the "Foreign-Broadcast" (40m-7150 to 7200 aka Heterodyne alley) and having to get along with a FEW XTALS, and we NOVICES were the ORIGINAL CREATORS OF "SPLIT-FREQ" operation before it became FASHIONABLE!!! :) OH & BY THE WAY, if any of the younger hams out here consider us as "DINOSAURS" THEY'RE DEAD WRONG, WE WERE PIONEERS IN HAM RADIO!!!
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  8. KK6NOH

    KK6NOH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am curious

    I have not followed this project in deep detail so forgive me if I have missed it. Are you planning on doing another separate project building the receiver too? I would love to build myself a whole complete tube based station. I have always been fascinated with tubes with a desire to learn more about them. I am hoping if I can keep the cost down this will allow me to enter the world of tube radios.

    As soon as time and finances allow I will be doing the pine board project.

  9. K9EID

    K9EID Ham Member QRZ Page

    We are planning several projects as the project continues. We have built a Field Strength meter just to get our feet wet. Started the H V Power supply next
    and have many completing that project. We now are building the Microphone pre amplifier. Will move on to a two band equalizer for that. Then comes the final. I have several versions and will see how things progress as to which one. From there a small 30 or 40 watt linear After this, yes, I am looking into a receiver so please stay tuned and keep us informed as to how you are doing and anything we can do to help - always here.
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  10. K9EID

    K9EID Ham Member QRZ Page

    So right on everything!
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