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Pileup behavior

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N2EA, Feb 15, 2002.

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  1. N2EA

    N2EA Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is a continuation of the S07U saga, but if you've listened to any dx pileup, you'll hear it.

    The DX station, facing a wall of signals, tries to peel back the layers. He says, "station with Bravo"....
    and a hundred guys continue to call.... xray tango,
    Juliet November, Echo Nancy, and on and on....

    Are we, stupid, or just deaf?

    Calling like this is the equivalent of a hail-mary pass in american football. Worse, actually.... 5% of those actually get caught, while the chance that the DX station is going to come back to someone OTHER than a station with a B in his call is absolute zero!

    In fact, if he HEARS your call at the wrong time, he's likely to ignore you thereafter, as punishment for your stupidity. One would think that we would learn by observing, rather than continuing our mindless, persistent calling.

    This evolution of the DXCC program has fostered growth of the most uncivil radio behavior one can imagine. Why would anyone hearing this nonsense consider for a moment engaging in this hobby?

    Then there's the garbage coming out of Europe. Deliberate interference....false calls....decoy transmissions on the dx frequency which are made to appear to be responses to callers. It must be enormously frustrating to someone on the other end.

    If you saw my s07u post, I suspect someone bootlegged my call, and ticked this guy off. So, while I need
    western sahara on ssb, it would appear I'm not going to get it from Ja1UT.

    For what it's worth....the DXCC program is broken. we either fix it, or watch it chase sensible people from the hobby.

  2. W3SY

    W3SY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Jim --

    The type of behavior you describe was included among my own pet pileup peeves in a recent QRZ post. If the DX station wants "ending in Bravo," everyone else should be quiet and let "ending in Bravo" take his rightful turn. Too bad this rarely happens. Worse yet is when the DX station goes back to someone who ignored the "ending in Bravo" request. This just encourages others to call out of turn.

    Are we (collectively) deaf, inconsiderate, or just stupid? Perhaps... There may be a few who did not HEAR the DX ask for "ending in Bravo," a few who don't care WHO the DX asked  for, and a few who are too clueless to know what is going on. But the responsibility rests LARGELY with the DX station to set the rules and maintain order. The DX must announce in no uncertain terms that calling out of turn will result in your being blacklisted. The DX need only single out a few offenders ("WA1QRM, you are calling out of turn. I asked for 'ending in Bravo.' Please QSY.") for most of the offenders to get the message.

    Rabid DX'ers will do whatever the DX station lets them get away with, and that includes calling out of turn, calling while a QSO is in progress, calling on the DX's frequency, etc. That's human nature. If a DX station is answering, seemingly, only those who tail-end (calling while a QSO is in progress), the DX chasers will reason that this is the only way THEY will get a contact.

    This in no way excuses such conduct, but rather it again emphasizes the responsibility of the DX station to take complete charge of the pileup.

    And I'd have no objection to the FCC citing those who cause deliberate interference in  pileup.

    73 de Steve W3SY
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