Photo vs Plain QSLS - Consider doing it yourself

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W6CSP, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. W6CSP

    W6CSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    In the age of inexpensive high quality ink jet printers and glossy photo paper stock, I recommend printing your own.

    Like others who have posted, I was not happy with what I saw offered by professional printers. I also wanted a faster turnaround and the ability to have a unique card.

    Using Microsoft Word I created a lay-out that gives me four cards per page. Each card includes a table that I fill in with the exchange information. Along the bottom are details about the station and myself as well as grid info, email and webpage data. I added the logo's of the ARRL, the RACES group I belong to and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (hense the vanity call). I print the cards at 720 dpi on our Epson Photo 870 (6 color) printer using heavy weight glossy photo paper stock.

    The one person I have spoken with since he received my card had very nice things to say about it. (Not a boast, just an example)

    Another advantage is that because I print them in realitively small numbers (maybe 40 or so at a time), it's easy to make changes without a whole stack of cards being out of date (such as when I recently borrowed a base rig for in the shack and put the mobile in the SUV, thus changing my station configuration).

    Although I've only made a few contacts so far, I will also be able to easily make up a different card for my mobile QSO's.

    As far as cost is concerned, I really can't say if these cards are costing me more or less than commercially printed cards. But even if they are costing me a bit more, the convenience and quality control I have make up for it.

    I realize the QSL card printers out there probably won't like this post, but my recommendation to the computer literate is: Consider printing your own cards!

    If you would like a sample of one of mine, drop me a note and we'll make a schedule, I am especially looking for 10M contacts as I try to earn my WAS on 10M in just one winter ;-) !

    73 and see you down the log,

    Ralph - W6CSP

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