PayPal and chargebacks and K4TFY

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by WB6VYH, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. W5EDF

    W5EDF Ham Member QRZ Page

    My first dealing with Paypal was years ago when I ordered something from a speed shop. Gave them my debt card and they somehow opened up a PP account and took out almost all my money. PP didn't help, ended up dealing with the bank. And I couldn't get any info from either so I could file charges. Though, I still use PP these days, and never had a problem.

    Though, had the same thing happen later on with just my debt card. Someone scammed it somewhere (most recent order before that happened was with B&H Photo Video). Someone up in some North state did a small $1 charge to see if they had everything valid, then tried to pull out $1200. My bank turned the card off and didn't even notify me. My bank also would not give me any info so I could press charges.
  2. WD8FM

    WD8FM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Also I dont sell anything on eBay and only purchase Buy It now items as a guest. :rolleyes:
  3. K4TFY

    K4TFY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Reply to wb6vyh complaint with k4tfy.

    Had wb4vyh had told the WHOLE story you might understand the situation the he put me in. I advised him the first day called him that I would need help and he agreeded. We arranged shipment, payment and again help. Just to let all of you know this purchase for me was a new step in amatuer radio in my career at 71 yrs. old. I went to every step to increase my knowledge on ampifiers, saved some money over the years and choose to get a 500+ watt type. Rather than going in to details about the rest of the transactions other than to say it the dial lights were not working and with the alc in or out did not work, even on very low power. But the crux of the story was he cut off all Communications with me. But I wanted that kind of a amp. He was advisred the the money was still available and a agreement $90.00 less the $1300.00 amount which 1/2 the amount for shipping and repair.

    My only comment to this post it is misleading and far from the whole truth. Let HIM explain his problems why paypal PayPal was so hard on him... I will admit I had the amp and the money for a short time until he contacted me.
    Byron Sickman-K4TFY
  4. KM5YE

    KM5YE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just experienced this very issue. I have not sold for a long while; so, they tell me the money is on hold for 21 days (Dec 13th). Even though the buyer has not received the rig as yet, it appears he now feels the description was lacking (no way - I rambled on and on and included 12 photos) I received the following in addition to the 'hold':

    [h=3]Provide documentation that the item was properly described[/h]If you can show that an item was properly described, the case can be closed. Here are examples of descriptions that match the item:
    • The buyer states that the item is used, not new, and the listing clearly describes the item as used.
    • A defect in the item was correctly described by the seller.
    • The item was properly described, but the buyer didn't want it after receiving it.
    • The item was properly described but didn't meet the buyer's expectations.
    • The item has minor scratches and was listed as used condition.

      The buyer says, "I have reviewed the pictures and upon closer review see DAMAGE that was poorly shown when first reviewed".

      The photos have not been changed - they are the original twelve. If he looked he could not help but see the imperfections -- I labeled each on in the photos. I explained the rig was used base, mobile, on Field Day and as such was moved quite a lot. Twenty years of use produced unintentional scratches and such.

      He has not yet retracted his bid and don't see how he can (according to both -Bay and Pay Pal he CAN retract even after winning. They are the ones who push for "rapid shipping of sold items"; I shipped the day I received payment! Within two hours in fact - I don't know how I could have done better.

      Foolish people do foolish things. I am such a foolish person. Being away from the hobby for over 15 years the old memory failed me. It was not until I listed on E-Bay and told a fellow who I met as I re-entered the local 2-meter chit-chat scene that I had listed on E-Bay that he reminded me of 'QRZ'. He strongly suggested I re-acquaint myself with the forum and the benefit of selling to folks who are for the most case to be trusted. Ignorant me -- I should have gone slowly and let E-Bay and their subsidiary Pay Pal remained far less worried than I am right now. I have a feeling I will be taken advantage of by this buyer.

      de KM5YE --- not too bright -- but not so old I cannot be re-taught!
  5. N8MJS

    N8MJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was unaware of the way Paypal operates. I have sold my fair share of items on Ebay and luckily have never had any problems or buyers changing there mind and asking for there money back. I always state in my listings the item must have shipping insurance and it is used and sold "as is" with no refunds/all sales are final. I too have been put on the 21 day hold policy Paypal is doing now. The only way I find to speed up the process is to use UPS or USPS with signature confirmation. That way the tracking lets Paypal know the item was delivered. Then you still have to wait 2 to 3 days to give the buyer time to check the item for damages or errors in the listing. I don't understand the new policy and how it relates to an item sold "as is" with no refunds and all sales are final.
    If the item got damagedd in transit then the shipping insurance should cover the cost to replace the item one would think.

  6. AC0VJ

    AC0VJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    DON'T USE PAYPAL, for another reason too. Some time ago I was defrauded by an on-line content service. So I did a charge back through my bank on them. They then somehow got me black listed on PAYPAL and I can no long use PAYPAL with any of my cards to purchase anything. So all you etailers out there, if you want my biz , give me an alternet way to pay other than PAYPAL, our you will loose my biz.
  7. KI4OYF

    KI4OYF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Simple done sell on Ebay or use paypal....After the troubles I had to get my funds I cancel both of my accounts and wont have another.
  8. KD5PMU

    KD5PMU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well you not exactly 100% correct honest people will have a big problem with that i will tell you why.
    If the buyer sends the Postal Money Order and it is cashed then the buyer is gambling that the seller might keep the funds and never ship the radio or he may send it and send a broken beat radio and say UPS broke it S0 you see it works both ways my friend and its good that thier are some true honest people out there seems to me though that Ebay QRZ or any other online transaction is definitely that the way to shop around and purchase the only sure way is to buy local or close by and inspect and try the radio first and then pay the person the cash.

    Noel - KD5PMU
  9. WA3VZK

    WA3VZK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Paypal insisted on knowing my checking account number so I gave it to them, then took out all in the account and opened another. They still have the old number and all is well. I have never YET had a problem with Paypal Jack WA3VZK
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