Passed all three exams in one morning. HamTestOnline

Discussion in 'Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator/Upgrading Privi' started by WC6T, Feb 8, 2019.

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  1. WC6T

    WC6T Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    First off I need to say that except for being a student, I am NOT affiliated with HamsTestOnline. I have absolutely no financial interest in that website whatsoever. I am only here because I believe that the website is a fantastic tool for learning the necessary information that will make it possible for you to become an Amateur Extra if that's what you want.

    Of course you can also shoot for Technician or General as well. I signed up for HamTestOnline originally a few years ago. I can't tell you why I didn't finish what I started as I don't really recall. My best guess is that laziness took over and I decided it was just too much work. Too much studying. I also can't tell you why I stuck with it this time. Other than kind of finishing up with one of life's hurdles, nothing was really any different in my life. But about the beginning of December, 2018, I opened up HamsTestOnline. It had been so long that my account had finally expired.

    I was pleased to find that I could re-instate it for I think $14.99. Not bad I thought. What could it hurt? So that day I think I put in about two hours of study. I knew the real test was quite some time off. I need to state that until this my only radio experience was in building a Lyonodyne Crystal radio. It's very cool. Here is the link.


    Well, I also built a crystal radio for a fifth grade science project. Oh, one more, I had a CB radio licence, yes you needed a license at one time for CB. It was a, pay a fee and receive a license type of thing. So that's my vast radio experience.

    So I decided from way back I wanted an Amateur Extra license. I just didn't like the idea of not having what other folks had. Go figure. So I kept studying. I ended up doing about two hours a day or even a bit more. The software is really something. I think the number one important fact, in my opinion anyway, is that the software keeps track of I believe EVERYTHING. Don't quote me because I'm not positive about these things, but relatively certain of them.

    It tracks how long you had the question open, what you picked for an answer, how many questions did you do in an hour, did you go to any of the links provided. Let me stop here and try to explain how the software works. You start with the Technician classes if that's what you've picked to study. You pick EVERYTHING. Which courses, Technician, General, or Extra. You pick what categories in each course. You can take practice tests. You can have the software drill you on any specific information you feel you need help with.

    The software as I said tracks ALL your progress. It takes you back to questions you had trouble with over and over. All I can say is that it's as close as having a human teacher there to watch your study habits as there could be.

    I will say at this point though. I believe your best bet is to simply STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!. In fact, the software does such a good job at doing what you need it to do, I'm not even sure I could recommend taking any notes. In my opinion, your best bet is to ONLY do the studying and leave all else alone.

    O.K so now here is the part that I am most impressed with. If you need help. You WILL get help. I thought it would be like all other learning software out there. If you ask a question you're lucky to get a response and if so it wouldn't be thorough and it certainly would not be fast. In the case of HamsTestOnline, if you email a question, you will get an answer quickly. I would say that most time I wrote, I received a response the same day. Once in a while if I wrote late in the afternoon, it may have taken until the following morning, but I'm not even sure it took that long.

    There were many times they got back to me in literally minutes. For what they're charging, in my book you're lucky to get any help at all. But to get the kind of response you do get, WOW!, it should cost hundreds.

    O.K. I'll get to the nitty gritty. With very little radio experience, and not very advanced math skills, I went from NO LICENSE at all, to AMATEUR EXTRA CLASS IN ONE MORNING. Yep you heard me. I took, and passed all three license examinations in ONE MORNING and passed all three with high scores. I missed a couple of questions on each exam. I will admit, I turned in over a hundred hours of study according to the software anyhow. But to tell the truth, from the first time I saw what kind of questions were on the EXTRA exam, I didn't think I'd be able to pass it. And here I am

    Yesterday I ordered my first radio and I also just coincidentally got my email from the FCC stating that I had been granted and AMATEUR EXTRA LICENSE.

    I am very please with myself.
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  2. K7JEM

    K7JEM Ham Member QRZ Page

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  3. WC6T

    WC6T Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well as this is not my first rodeo I am seldom surprised by much. That being said I do wonder how my post would "Amaze" anyone. Boy oh Boy I have written some very serious stuff in my day. Stuff that would probably get people.....well never mind about that. This, however, was the last thing I thought anyone would have a problem with. Or for that matter even be amazed. Unless of course they are of the ilk that thinks standards have been lowered for ham license testing, or possibly they don't like the outfit I mentioned.

    A person that's involved with HamTestOnline was so unbelievably helpful to me that I will never forget them or feel like I can possibly repay them for their help. That along with the fact as of just a few months ago I was not sure I would even be able to study enough, EVER, to pass the exams. So yes. I am proud of myself. Is that wrong? In some eyes I suppose. Everyone, especially as of the last two years, seems to be able to get triggered by very little.

    Of course I am not saying the writer was triggered. But, I don't really know what was meant, if anything at all. The Harrison Ford thing is actually quite funny and very much appreciated. What makes me curious, no, just curious, is what amazed you about the post. Did I break a written or unwritten rule? Seriously. I'm not...well anything, expect for possibly amazed myself that anyone would be amazed by what I've written. Other than me giving myself a pretty big pat on the back for doing that which I did not think possible of myself, I was for the other ninety-nine percent of the post attempting two things.

    First, was my way to say thank you to the person in question because without their help I don't think I could have done it. Second, with the idea that other people that felt the same way I did just three months ago may read this and think that they can do it as well.

    So, I have a request. Seeing as how I really have no idea what you find amazing about my post, maybe you can explain to me why what I've written is "amazing". Normally, when I screw up. It's easy to know what I've done. It's obvious. A known quantity shall we say?

    This time, other than possibly someone thinking I've written a commercial, or spent too much effort saying "Look at me", than I'm at a loss. If that's all you've seen then so be it. I am trying ever so hard to get it though my thick skull that just because something is very clear to me, it doesn't mean it is clear to everyone. In fact, on a pretty regular basis the last couple of years, I've been completely dumbfounded that people who can conceivably dress, feed, and then drive themselves to work can have opinions so unbelievably counterintuitive to how I "Know" things work.

    Yet somehow the world still turns and we have managed to keep from blowing ourselves up.

    So yes, I still have much to learn. But if the amazed person can elaborate, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. AJ6IJ.

    Oh, while I'm here. You say that I've written is normal for the "ZED"? Maybe you can elaborate on that as well for me. You see, you have me at a disadvantage. I have been a license holder for literally less than twenty-four hours.

    I don't know the culture or the customs. I only know things from small snip-its. Occasional listening on the shortwave and all that. I've always looked at ham radio operators in awe. For one, because they must be so much smarter than I. Second, because they're salt of the earth kind of guys that volunteer their time to teach boy scouts how to build crystal radios. And when things get ugly, they're there to lend a hand with the critical communications that are so important.

    In other words, they are typically better people than I am. I don't volunteer, I don't know how to build a radio from coat hangers, bubble gum and a razor blade. And until recently, they were usually a lot older than I am, and I actually think a person should always give an elder respect, as they have done and seen much more than I have.

    So for me to get this elusive thing. The ham radio Amateur Extra License Grant, is just plain unbelievably huge. Maybe for you it was a piece of cake. Well sir I am in awe and jealous of you as cake it was not for me. Was I braggadocious? Yep! Do I deserve the self adulation? Maybe not. But for the most part, if you don't pat yourself on the back your back is going to be craving some patting.

    O.K. I'm done. But as may be obvious. Only for now. Again, AJ6IJ
  4. K7JEM

    K7JEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    My post was supposed to be a little humorous, as I am wont to do with people. Sometimes, I think it may be misunderstood. There is really not much amazing about your post, but I think what you are looking at is my "signature line", which is added to each post. As you get more familiar with QRZ, you will see that people have all sorts of things added. Maybe you could put, "Passed all three exams in one sitting", or something similar. As you look around, you will see that it does happen quite a bit, but it is still an accomplishment that most hams cannot or do not achieve, for whatever reason. As such, "don't get cocky" is just a reminder, like in the movie, to someone who is new and has accomplished a good thing.

    Remember, QRZ is not ham radio, and you will see all sorts of opinions and diatribes from people that you do not agree with, so you have to have a little bit of thick skin to wade through the more controversial subjects. But, good luck and welcome to the forums!
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  5. NG5O

    NG5O XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dayum! **I'm** "amazed".

    No matter how the "cocky" thing was intended, people are just SO SENSITIVE these days. No sense of humor whatsoever - NONE!. Way too many folks just sitting around, waiting to be "offended".
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  6. W4KLE

    W4KLE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Congratulations! I'm studying for the Extra exam myself and it does require work to not just get a passing score but to understand the material. It's not a cakewalk for me and I spent 20 years working with SHF military communications equipment. Sure someone could just study the test and maybe pass but the feeling of accomplishment comes from understanding what you were tested on.
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  7. WC3T

    WC3T Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm just amazed at your call sign. LOL
  8. K1SZO

    K1SZO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have zero affiliation with HamTestOnline either. I used HamTestOnline and studied for 10 days and passed my Extra. (I could have done it sooner, it was 10 days before the test so I kept studying)

    My buddy did the same thing to get his Extra right after I did and told him what I used to pass it.

    I love their format. It doesn't just teach you to memorize the questions / answers. (ala old MCSE testing) You read what is educational text. Then it ask you the questions (from the test) and you use what you learned to answer the question.

    The only better way to learn it is to go out and work with this stuff and given how many questions and how many different things you must do learn and have on hand. That isn't feasible.

    For someone wanting to get licensed. I think it's a great way to learn the required information.
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  9. WC6T

    WC6T Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes someone let me know that I misunderstood the whole thing. I'm quite embarrassed. I've been meaning to add something to this for months. Oh well. It's not unusual for me to go off half cocked. Or, not cocked at all. Which makes it hard to go off doesn't it? My skin is sometimes too thin. I'm fifty-eight and I expect in another fifty-eight I may have figured these things out.

    You know, the whole time I was writing, I thought, "You know, I should probably go over this post better before I make a fool of myself. I have a tendency to jump to the worst conclusion. I guess I chose making a fool of myself didn't I.

    I have to laugh at myself. It's the only way I can handle doing dumb stuff.

    So, to anyone that may actually be reading this. OOPS!
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