Part 2 of 2: Life-changing Moment and Solar Cycle 25

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by NW7US, Dec 31, 2021.

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  1. NW7US

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    RAIN's Hap Holly/KC9RP spoke with Tomas recently about Solar Cycle 25. This is the second and final excerpt from their discussion.

    From the introduction to The RAIN HamCast, Episode #57:

    In this episode, we continue our discussion with Tomas Hood/NW7US, the author of many writings about space weather and effects of solar activity the past 20-plus years.

    Tomas has been a short wave enthusiast since 1973, a ham operator since 1990, and is a United States Army Signal Corps veteran today. He launched the first civilian space weather propagation website,, in the mid 90's; HFradio later spawned; at press time is being revamped for the new Solar Cycle 25.

    Tomas has contributed to the Space Weather Propagation column in CQ magazine for over 20 years, and for The Spectrum Monitor since 2014. A product of the Pacific northwest, Tomas resides now in Fayetteville, Ohio.

    RAIN's Hap Holly/KC9RP spoke with Tomas recently about Solar Cycle 25. This is the second and final excerpt from their discussion.​


    If you missed part one of this conversation, you'll find it as RAIN Hamcast #56 both on and on the RAIN Hamcast page on YouTube.


    RAIN Hamcast #58 will post January 8, 2022. Hap Holly/KC9RP edits and produces this biweekly ham radio podcast. It is copyright 1985-2021 , RAIN, all rights reserved. RAIN programming is made available under a Creative Commons license ; you are encouraged to download, share, post and transmit the RAIN Hamcast in its entirety via Amateur Radio. Your support and feedback are welcome on Thanks for YouTube Technical Assistance from Tom Shimizu/N9JDI. I'm WR/K5WLR bidding you very 73 and 44 from the Radio Amateur Information Network.


    Footnote: Yes, NW7US misspoke about the time it takes sunlight to travel from the Sun to the Earth. He meant that it takes sunlight and radio waves just over 8 minutes to make that trip...
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    So nice to have useful information presented in a professional manner. Thanks to all involved in producing this!

    Jerry KG8ZQ
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    great report mate. Must do more down there.
    from M7:UKP
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    Great information
  6. WP4OKA

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    WP4OKA, Thank you for information, 1/14/2022

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