Parks On The Air update: 11,281 Activations in the month of April 2022

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K5QBF, May 11, 2022.

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  1. K5QBF

    K5QBF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    In Parks on the Air News

    • Aprils activity weekend gave us a nice mid-month boost, which helped drive the monthly totals. We had over 2,000 operators out who did 11,281 Activations from 4,333 parks, in 34 different DX entities.
    • The top activators for the month were the same two individuals as March - N2NWK who this month did 278 activations and W6ZD who activated a mind blowing 198 different parks.

    • The top hunters for the month were K9ICP who hunted 966 parks, and AD2CD who made 1,598 QSOs, just edging out N3XLS.

    • In POTA DX, we had changing of the guard in Region 1. The activators in Spain came out in full force and edged out England based on the number of activations. Canada and Japan continued to hold their top spots Regions 2 and 3 respectively.

      • Our top DX Activators this month were HI8DL from the Dominican Republic who did 76 activations, and VA7DBJ from Canada who activated 62 parks.

    • And last but not least, let’s check in on the progress of the Bailey-Sprott Challenge. In 2021 N5HA and W9AV each manged to hunt a park every day, so in 2022 we’re following along to see if anyone else can match their feat.

      • At 120 Days into the year, we have 3 activators who have activated every day of the year, along with 3 others who may still be in the running, pending log uploads: N2NWK, KE8PZN, KD4MZM, K4NYM, KB3WAV, and WC1N. The pool of hunters is now down to 36. To all of the Bailey-Sprott participants, congrats on your success so far, and we look forward to seeing how you do now that we have past the 100 day mark.
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  2. VA2SS

    VA2SS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Great news and thanks for the report! These numbers will surely rise in months to come, summer season, etc.
    Looking forward to meet many POTA adepts at Hamvention next week.

    Best 73 de Jeff | VA2SS
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  3. KA1YBS

    KA1YBS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    POTA is a lot of fun, I cant believe the chasers and pileups! It's been great for our hobby. I really enjoyed activating Umbagog Lake State Park on a remote island last summer over two days.

    Meanwhile, the SOTA camp keeps on activating. With 8w and a wire atop Flat Mountain in NH, I worked France and NorCal on 17 meters yesterday, among other contacts. It was a bushwhack (no trail) to a lone peak in the NH wilderness.

    Two totally different activities, same wonderful pastime.

    See you in Xenia next week. I'll be visible on APRS, QSO with me!
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  4. WB8YXF

    WB8YXF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Great News, thanks to all the ones who make POTA happen.
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  5. N1RBD

    N1RBD XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Bring on self uploads! :)
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  6. W5EN

    W5EN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've only recently become a POTA hunter and and enjoying kind of a rebirth in my ham radio operating. Because of living on a relatively simple lot, I'm not a big gun station. However, I have good success with 100 watts and a ground mounted vertical with working Parks. Plus it is fun to look up Park details of where it is I just worked.
    73 and Best Wishes de W5EN
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  7. AA3C

    AA3C XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Nicely done folks! I've tried to hunt everyday but obviously missed some.
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  8. W4DAX

    W4DAX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    POTA "Field Day everyday" I agree that POTA has got my on-air activity raised to a new level. I love it. Tom W4DAX
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  9. AA3C

    AA3C XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Agreed. I don't like the crazy pile-ups as if one was working rare DX, but a good activator can control the "crowd". Lol.
  10. K1GC

    K1GC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Any word on if that is in the works? Given the volume of POTA, it sure seems like an unsustainable task to have volunteers processing all logs indefinitely. They do a great job, but it must get old quickly. It would be great to have a self uploading system along the lines of SOTA, but I have no idea what kind of job that is to implement.
  11. K5QBF

    K5QBF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It is currently in the works. Vance talked about it on hamradio2.0 live stream on Wednesday.
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  12. K1GC

    K1GC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks for that info. Again, nothing but respect and appreciation for the volunteers who have been doing this task, but I think self logging will be a nice upgrade.
  13. K7FD

    K7FD Subscriber QRZ Page

    Judging by the pandemic pounds I’ve gained, maybe I should start Porks on the Air

    John K7FD
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  14. W3AAX

    W3AAX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Right around the corner. Already starting a small focused beta test. No, we are not accepting any new ones just yet, but we will announce as we can. Thanks! 73 W3AAX
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  15. K1GC

    K1GC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Awesome to hear and thanks to all involved in making this all work so well.
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