Packet Radio Strike in Germany

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Dec 1, 2000.

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    dg5mgq writes "

    In Germany the packet radio network has just about been shutdown in protest to a draft of the new regulation concerning automated amateur radio stations.

    The following has been taken from



    We would like to inform you about the current situation
    concerning the German paket-radio network.

    As a sign for protest a lot of German packet radio
    SysOps will cease operation for a couple of days
    starting on November 24, 1900Z.

    Major AX.25 nodes in Germany will shut down their
    links with the execption of their local user access.
    All additional supplementary services like BBS,
    DX-Cluster, convers, TCP/IP etc. will be shut down
    as well.

    Therefore participating stations will not be routable
    by their network interlinks. BBS message and bulletin
    forwarding will be interrupted in most parts of Germany
    during the protest. There are even some foreign nodes,
    close to the German border, participating.

    The reason for the SysOps' protest is a draft of a decree
    ("Amtsblattverf├╝gung") by the German Regulatory Authority
    for Telecommunications and Mail (RegTP). If this draft
    will become reality, these rules will dictate explicite
    procedures for almost any operational aspect of an automated
    amateur radio station, including their supplementary services.

    For the SysOps participating in this action, such pedantic
    ruling is inacceptable. Most will rather shut down their
    automatic stations, esp. the supplementary services than
    accept these bureaucratic and completely unrealistic rules.
    This protest is intended to demonstrate what might happen
    if the intended decree will become reality.

    Currently, the AX.25 packet Radio network in Germany is one
    of the fastest and most efficient worldwide, although (or
    rather: because) it does not rely on the internet, but on
    high-speed radio interlinks on 1.2 GHz and above.

    The users of the nodes are being informed about the reasons
    for this protest and are kindly asked for their support.

    The participating SysOps do not want to offend anyone and are
    apologising for any inconvenience caused by this action to
    the international packet radio community. However, they want
    to make it clear that the situation is very serious and that
    support is needed.

    If you want to support us, please consider writing a polite
    e-mail to the RegTP.
    Subject: "Amateur radio service, draft for automated
    remote-controlled stations".

    You might ask not to deteriorate the existing liberal amateur
    rules for automated stations by installing unnecessary
    bureaucratic regulation.

    You can reach the English language homepage of the German
    Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts (RegTP)
    Thank you for your understanding and support.


    Who we are

    We are a group of radio amateurs interested in writing software,
    chatting in the EU-Convers. We are not an official association
    or a club. Just friends. Our focus is Linux and packet radio.
    If you like to learn more about us, check our Who is Who Page.

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