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Out of District Call Assignments

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Feb 6, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Should the FCC restrict callsign assignments only to areas where they
    would "logically belong".. For example, I was on 40 Meter CW one night and answered a CQ from a KL7 station (my first KL7 on 40 M CW). Much to my disappointment, I soon discovered that he was actually in the state of Florida.

    Several weeks later, I heard a foreign ham, (from a rare island) chastise a US ham who was using a KL7 callsign from Oregon to call him.

    In both of the above cases, neither ham posted a /7 or /4 suffix at the end of their call. One wonders if they omitted the suffix, in order to make their station look "more attractive" to potential callers. The foreign ham certainly felt this to be the case and was very unhappy about it.

    Here's yet another angle..... since I've got a callsign which is rather long (especially in CW) and, a tongue twister, on voice, I decided to view the listings of available callsigns under the vanity program. One callsign which I had my eye on was TAKEN. This callsign was from the #3 district (I live in PA). Upon further investigation, I discovered that a ham out in California had decided to apply for this #3 callsign as his second choice and received it.

    Out of curiosity, I viewed several other calls which had been TAKEN only to discover that a good percentage of them were assigned to hams who did not live in the districts which these calls would normally represent. A real disappointment.

    Now... How do you feel about this?...
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