Opinion: Are Icom IC-718 and 7200 Prepper Radios?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by AF4CQ, Mar 26, 2021.

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  1. N3AWS

    N3AWS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Elecraft K2, perhaps?
  2. KL7KN

    KL7KN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page


    SW3B - buy 'em cheap, stack 'em deep.

    Once the grid crashes or (fill in your favorite EOW disaster here) - the bands will be plenty dead. In this situation, simple wins the day.
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  3. KA6IBM

    KA6IBM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Bought it brand new from HRO three years ago
  4. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I can build a two tube regenerative detector, with an RF amp, that can run from batteries, which can be recharged with solar panels. It can double as a low power CW transmitter. EMP can't hurt it. The selectivity is not great, but the sensitivity is amazing. Selectivity is done by me.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2021
  5. KI4WCA

    KI4WCA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I started with a 718 and it is an early one with a mic made in Japan and bipolar finals. Audio DSP
    and it was bullet-proof for me. Lots of DX on 75 with it. My 7410 blows it away.

    I bought a 7200 for field day use and it is a very fun rig with a tiny display. I bought the handles because they
    look cool and also because they remind me of my first great receiver, a BC-348R. It had handles too!
    They come in handy for field use. I paid about 780 for my 7200 new. Good price.
    I like the 7200 a lot. But I love the 7410...it is perfect. I live in a city and the noise reduction coupled with the
    sensitivity of the 7410 as well as it's selectivity makes it compelling. It has a great transmitter too.
    Mine has all the roofing filters installed. A fantastic radio for 160-6m all mode fun with wonderful audio on transmit
    as well as receive.

    I worked Ducie Island with the 718 on 75 meters. VP6DX. Also South Africa on 75 3 times. It was rough sledding
    to be sure but I did it (SSB Phone). The 7410 is much, much easier for DXing.

    The 718 is basic...but it works. Mine cost 400 used...and it was far from pristine. It is useless in a noisy location though.
  6. KI4WCA

    KI4WCA Ham Member QRZ Page

    It is a good rig. So much better than the stuff sold when I was young it is incredible!
    I had great success with mine!
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  7. KK4JW

    KK4JW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll tell you exactly why the 718 has lasted as long as it has - and all you have to do is look at the Yaesu FT60 for the answer. It's basic. It's no frills. It does exactly what it's supposed to do without a bunch of button pushing, knob turning, filter selecting. You press the PTT and it just works. That in itself is VERY valuable. Face it, the 718 is a workhorse and as dated as it is - if you're looking for an HF rig under the $1000 mark, the 718 is a top contender.

    Yes, The FT 891 is a LOT of rig for the money (I own one of those too) and I would give it's receive a nod over the 718 - BUT I wouldn't rank it's ease of use over the 718. I wouldn't even rank the 7300's ease of use over the 718. The 718 is literally a "turn it on - tune it up" rig. I still miss mine from time to time.

    Now as far as "prepper" rigs, you have to look at the fact that basically ANY rig can be classified as a prepper rig. A Flex 6400 could be a "prepper rig" if you somehow managed to fit it in your underground bunker or backpack. Funny what I DON'T see mentioned as a prepper rig is the Yaesu FT817 or 857D. If I was into the whole doomsday thing, I'd choose one of these over a 718 any day of the week for portability. But I'm not, so I haven't.

    Something else to keep in mind with eBay pricing is you have your CB/freebanders eyeballing the 718 and other HF rigs because they "do 100 watts" and "go between channels", c'mon. Those guys pay a premium price for ham radio equipment because well, some of them just don't know better, some of them just don't care, and some of them.. Well, you get the picture. Heck, look at the pricing of used rigs here on the Zed'. What are some of you people smoking for selling used equipment at the BRAND NEW price? What are some of you smoking for BUYING it at that price? I've seen more than one person list a Yaesu FT 7250 for OVER the $200 they cost brand new "just because they're discontinued". I have a Nokia 5165 cell phone the was discontinued too, and if you think that thing is worth a nickel over $5.00, you need your head examined.

    I'll recommend an Icom 718 or Yaesu FT450D to a newly licensed General every time for the same reasons they're still made. They're simple. They're easy to operate. They're inexpensive, and they. just. flat. out. work.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2021
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  8. KL2WX

    KL2WX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think the FT-991A is a much better value for that role. Forget the waterfall for a moment and add up the cost and complexity of a 718, tuner and SSB capable VHF/UHF transceiver. You are now at the cost of a 991A and you have a receiver that isn't as good, with less warranty, no waterfall, no digital and 3 boxes to carry around.
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  9. W4IOA

    W4IOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Until I installed my flagpole only once in building and rebuilding miscellaneous antennas did I ever need a tuner.
    And the majority of hAms don't bother with vhf/uhf except for FM
  10. KL2WX

    KL2WX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Many or even most multi band, field expedient antennas require a tuner.

    If you’re into the preparedness scene it’s likely that your group is going to carry HT’s, so having UHF/VHF at the base makes a lot of sense.
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