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Operators that use vintage tube gear vs SS- List your radio

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by N8FVJ, Nov 22, 2019.

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  1. N8ZL

    N8ZL Ham Member QRZ Page

    1. KWM2A
    2. 75A4 - DX40
    3. TR4C
    5. Drake B line
    6. R392
    7. SX28 - use on Short Wave. Well the stations that are still worth listening to. I am still trying to find the good ole rock stations WOWO, WLS, WCFL, WBZ and Larry Lujack and the Voice of Labor................Oh well.
  2. KV6O

    KV6O Ham Member QRZ Page

    TS-520S, TS-830S, Drake TR4-CW, and my newest acquisition, an SB-102.

    I use the TS-520S and 830S frequently, the 830S is a wonderful, pinnacle of it's era rig, IMHO. It's sooo purdy:

    20160709_162150 (1).jpg
  3. N4MTB

    N4MTB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My 3B S Line is the preferred set up here.
  4. K1APJ

    K1APJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Hallicrafters HA-5

    There is lots more, but that is the stuff that actually gets used.
  5. N2ZD

    N2ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    My vintage Tube stuff includes:

    Two SB-220 amps
    One Henry 2K-4 amp
    Two HA-10 Warrior amps
    Alpha 87A
    BTI LK-2000HD

    Hallicrafters R-649/UR RX
    Hallicrafters Hurricane SR-2000
    With HA-20 VFO
    Johnson Viking 500
    Johnson Viking Invader 2000
    Hallicrafters S40b
    Kenwood TS-830 gold
    Kenwood TS-530SP
    Siltronix 1011D

    Thomson TH-331 UHF cavity amp driven by a stripline amp.
    7k watts out on 432mhz zzzt!!!

    Motorola AM-494 FM VHF amp

    Home brew 8877 VHF amp
  6. WA2CWA

    WA2CWA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow! My TS-830S is only sort of a beige color, but inside, many of the terminals are gold plated. :)
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  7. K6BSU

    K6BSU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not much AM activity here, that I can hear. My AM station uses Gonset mobile units, G-66 and G-77. Combo modulator and power supply are home brew. All vacuum tube, including the modulator.

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  8. WB2GCR

    WB2GCR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Way too much to list...

    Daily on AM:
    Johnson Valiant II - Modified 6DQ5 modulator w/3 diode limiter
    R-390A receiver (Ethiopian Athletic Commission - EAC) <wink> or

    TS-440TS with some mods

    Apparently I have something like 25+ tube receivers kicking around here.
    Notables include 75A-2,3; TMC GPR-90; R-390; R-392; SX-28A; SP-600... many
    are fairly recent acquisitions. Wacky, eh?

    Many are working 100%, probably a majority not. I refurb and repair, buy 'em
    cheap! :D

    Although, presently, I am configuring one of those heretical SDR transcievers, and
    the receive on the one I have exceeds the R-390A in some regards, in others it does not.

    In general I find the older radios more pleasant to operate, better looking, and generally
    have nicer sounding audio.

    Some eye candy:

    Attached Files:

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  9. N2ZD

    N2ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Listen Pete! I’m just a few miles from you. Don’t make me come there and kidnap Toto to run one of my squirrel cage blowers as I operate!!


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  10. N2ZD

    N2ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I want those!

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