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Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by LITTLEBLKDOG, Apr 18, 2019.

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    I was wondering if anybody is aware of a website that will process and demodulate (believe this is the correct word) signal recordings? E.g. I use software to encode a message in PSK31, MT63 or similar and broadcast it (using a .2 watt transmitter on FM), then somebody records the broadcast and without installing software can play the audio for a webpage which would display the encoded message.

    I am aware of a variety of different programs to generate the encoded and decoded messages but I am looking for a simple solution that wouldn't require the installation of software.

    Hopefully I have captured my intent and not confused anything.
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  2. KA0HCP

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    I'm not aware of any turn-key solutions that presently do that. It it likely that some clever software programmer could put together an application to do that.

    Part of the amateur radio ethic is complying with regulations. The FCC Part 97 prohibits "Broadcasting" or "One way" transmissions except in specifically stated circumstances. Friendly background information.

    If you aren't already licensed, I encourage you to stick around the QRZed community and start studying for the Technician exam! Welcome, bill.
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    p.s. Your proposal could comply with the regs if changed slightly in a number of ways, such as transmitting to licensed friend, or if the application was used to receive other amateur radio conversations.

    There are already a number of websites that are connected to "Software Defined Radios" that allow you to tune the Short Wave, (also called HF or High Frequency) frequencies and hear all sorts of transmissions including amateur, international broadcasters, military, airlines, ships, etc.

    Amateur radio offers endless opportunities to experiment with radio, computers, various modulation schemes, atmospheric propagation, and the chance to meet similarly interested "hams"!

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