omnirig with TS-590SG

Discussion in 'Rig Control, Prop., Cluster, & Other Software' started by KB1MM, Sep 19, 2020.

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  1. KB1MM

    KB1MM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey all...I am at my wits end. I cannot get Omnirig (latest version) to talk to my all. I have downloaded the latest win10 x64 drivers from Silicon Labs...I have watched several videos that are on Youtube, even the HRO one that makes it look so simple.

    I am using the correct port when I try to set it up...I don't know what else to do. It seems in my searches on line that for some people it works first crack while others just finally give up and it seems that they are doing the same exact set up steps. I'm not one to give up but I am officially frustrated.

  2. KB1MM

    KB1MM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok, it appears I misunderstood what I was supposed to see when I set up really gives no indication that you're actually connected to the radio...

    I am still trying to get my TS-590SG synced with my RSP1a. It shows they are connected in the SDRuno software but one isn't controlling the other....that's a problem for another day.
  3. K6RUV

    K6RUV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Im not sure what the issue is but one of the most important things to set up is the baud rate. Not just at the 590sg but with omnirig as well as your SDR program. Im using 9600 baud, Dat bits 8, Parity none, stop bits 1, RTS high, DTR high, poll 500, Timeout 4000. Since you have a 590sg you may want to look into Kenwoods ARCP CAT software. I would highly recommend it. you can use it with your SDR software and a logging program once you set up a port sharing utility. Also I would also recommend SDR Console as your software instead of uno. I believe you will be happier. I hope some of this helps, it can be a real brain teaser to get these things all working together but it can be done
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  4. KS2G

    KS2G Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I assume that you're referring this video:
    TS 590SG Panadapter with the SDRplay RSP (AN005)

    I used the procedure it describes to connect my TS590S successfully to an RSP1a using SDRuno so that they track each other.

    Two exceptions:
    Since --unlike the "SG"-- the "S" does not have the DRVout-as-antenna capability, I use an external MFJ-1708B-sdr antenna-switch.
    Also, since I'm using N1MM+ Logger (that is not OmniRig compatible), I use port-splitting to put the 590 and RSP on separate virtual ports.

    The settings that I use are:
    Speed: 115,200
    RTS High
    DTR High
    Polling Interval 11ms
    Timeout Interval 4,000ms

    As K6RUV posted -- they have to be the same in SDRuno, OmniRig and the "SG"

    Also, be sure that the COM port numbers in the "SG" and OmniRig are the same.
    Also that you click on RSYN1 utton at the top of the SDRuno "RX Control" widow so that it shows on (orange).

    Hope this helps.
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  5. KC2RGW

    KC2RGW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you change com port speeds on a Kenwood, you need to power cycle or they don’t take effect. Easy to get into a chicken and egg puzzle.
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  6. KB1MM

    KB1MM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I am in a busy life "loop" right now so I haven't had a chance to check out these suggestions but definitely will in the next week or so. I'll let you all know how I make out. BTW KS2G, yes that is the video I referred to in the OP.

    I'll get it figured out eventually when life slows down a bit.
  7. KA8BSA

    KA8BSA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is there a way to get Omni-rig and Kenwood's ARCP to work together and the same time? If I have Omni-rig running, I can not get ARCP to start tells me the usb com port is unavaible.
  8. K6RUV

    K6RUV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes there is but I would like to ask why you need Omni-rig? To answer your question in order to use any more than one connection to a com port you need to get one more piece of the puzzle and that is a software utility known as a port splitter. then you can connect multiple pieces 0f software to that com port. Omni-rig is used with software that you want to be able to control the transceiver with but is not capable of doing it by its self. Like SDR Console, it is capable of controlling a transceiver but it needs to Omni-rig to send the actual commands that your equipment can use. When using ARCP by its self there is no need to use Omni-rig because ARCP can communicate directly to the transceiver. Search for VSPE Eterlogic and you will find his free one that you can use. If its not free anymore its not all that much to purchase. I remember his 32 bit version was free. Once you set up the VSPE you can have as many things as you want hooked up to the transceiver. If you need more help leave a message here or contact me threw QRZ message and I can help you. ten minutes on the phone and you will have it done. 73 K6ruv

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