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off topic: Met the neighbors yesterday

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KC0KVU, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Gary NØKLT, I have a weekend but with the proper rest I think it will be OK, you know 7 days makes one week..........

    AG3Y, No you see you got caught up in that too, if one is up and one is down that puts the switch's in Push-Pull or 180 degrees out from each other or in computer terminology (my weak suit) that would be both states of a binary condition, and I don't think that is allowed so the equivilent to both states would again be Zero, if however as you mention the proper cadence is applied and synchronization is maintained each could change state alternately and maintain a binary one. In this condition it would constitute a push-push mode and the binary sum would be one,  but the output would be active during both halves of the cycle giving the appearance of twice the output,some what on the same princple as the capacity voltage doubler. Depending on the cadence there might be switching transients present so a small amount of filtering may be required, again the ferrite cores mentioned earlier if the proper core mix is applied in accordance to the frequency of the cadence, I think the transients spikes could be reduced to minimal.
    I hope it is explained to the neighbor that the interference is plainly caused by a result of her actions. If she were to at any time turn the TV to the off state the offending interference would not be present, so obviously she is the one to blame for creating the situation, but be sure to let her know that you are not going to notify the proper authorities and have her arrested, good neighbors just don't act that way, and as such you do your best to get along.
    ENJOY!! Life, just like Ham Radio is an experience.......   73,   ORV
    Post Script:
    If the audio is present when the TV is in the off state that is very serious, it could mean she has tuned the speaker leads to the resonant frequency of the Ham Bands, unless she has a license or at least a temporary permit to operate resonant speaker leads she could get into serious interference problems, again assure her you will not say any thing in an effort to maintain a good neighbor policy, but caution her not to tell any one as the authorities are listening for just that kind of report.
    The nice thing about being retired, you can apply your time any damn way you feel like .....HIHI
    73, to All ..... [​IMG]
  2. WA6CAW

    WA6CAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey Orv,

    I think a solution for Adam is to install a notch filter in his ear. This filter would be tuned to the neighbor's voice frequency, and then he would not hear about any problems. But would that be a xtal filter, passive or active, chebychev form, or just a simple resonant cavity. WOW, try and fit that in your ear!!

    I must say Adam, you are a good sport to take all this nonsense and still pay attention to this thread. Actually, there has been a great deal of theory sprinkled in this topic. Not that is of much use for anything, but shows what can be achieved among the group to solve a problem unrelated to the solutions offered.

    So, have you solved the RFI?

    Has this been of any help?

    Will you ever ask a question again? On this forum?

    Probably NO to all the above.

    Oh well, Orv, I'm semi-retired, so this day was either work at home, or type on the computer. I did not have any trouble deciding.

  3. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the answers to your questions are:
    -No, but I don't think any of this, with the exception of ZDY's ferrite and ground suggestions, was done with any intention other than entertainment, which is just peachy with me!  I do my fair share of ribbing as well anyway.
    -Yes. Yes. I already have a Babel fish installed, and it takes care of most of my aural problems!

    Fact is I went to work at 7pm cdt and won't get off unil 7am cdt, and repeat for Sat and Sun evenings.  I don't have the free time on weekends to operate, which bites, but that's the way it is.  So for now, she will be RFI free by default.  But I need to get to RS before Labor Day so I can operate then!
  4. WA6CAW

    WA6CAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    You gotta remeber the different kinds of iron beads:

    2 holers
    bifilar wound
    trifilar wound
    low iron content or high

    And the color of wire makes a difference. And the siz e wire....RF dosen't like teensey wire!

    Good luck!
  5. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, to start I though I might just try the simple snap-on ones at RS. I want to keep this as simple as possible and as unintrusive as possible. Hopefully they'll do the trick and I'll be on the air at full power on Labor Day.
  6. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think the idea of a notch filter for the neighbors voice might be a possible solution, however the choice of the Chebishev in a notch filter will have the ripple in the band pass to contend with,this might allow voice peaks to sneak into the band pass. I would have as the first choice the Butterworth with the flat band pass response to try and limit the amount of audio that might get around the or through the filter.

    Thank you for letting us play a little in your yard. As Lou WA6CAW, pointed out there is some very good theory sprinkled amongst the frivolity and even though it may not solve the question at hand it might be worth the time to look up some of the terms and become familiar with them.
    On the problem at hand if you have more of a problem than you can handle please don't hesitate to ask, but I think you will do fine, just approach it a step at a time and try to look at it in a logical manner. First isolate the source,in through the antenna ,or the power line ,on the braid outer conducter.... etc. Once isolated you can then work on the elimination. lots of luck.....73,   ORV

    TNX to all, enjoyed the friendly sparring .....ORV
  7. WA2ZDY

    WA2ZDY Guest

    Yes, I've enjoyed playing in the yard too - just that based on Adam's info, I'll stay out of his neighbour's . . .

    I like the idea of pointing the pedals at Aries; thinking of that takes me back to an earlier time in my life, Marilyn McCoo coming out of the AM radio . . . when the moon is in the seventh house . . .  who would have thought I was learning RFI theory as a child?

    I was thinking, perhaps you'd do well to be VERY careful you don't have both pedals depressed at the same time.  First off, there isn't enough prozac in the local pharmacy for TWO depressed foot pedals, and second, both switched closed in parallel will show even less resistance and perhaps will allow MORE RFI to be radiated?  Hmmm . . .

    So wanna talk about MY neighbours?  The 44 year old in back (who looks like anything BUT a Mack truck) has a 22 year old boyfriend and . . . !
  8. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your neighbor reminds me when I was married and a debate would come up I could always bring it to closure with a reminder,  that I could always trade in a 44 year old for 2 twenty two year olds, but that is a story for another time and another place......    73,   ORV
  9. N0XAS

    N0XAS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, but mine just remonds me that 20 goes into 40 way more than 40 goes into 20... [​IMG]
  10. WA2ZDY

    WA2ZDY Guest

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . yeah, what HE said.

    My neighbour seriously is one very attractive lady. . . That lucky little boy she's playing with . . . heh heh heh
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