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off topic: Met the neighbors yesterday

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KC0KVU, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    As I had posted in the Q&A a few weeks ago, I was planning to rig a footswitch, et al for my IC-735. Radio Shack had their computer headphones w/boom mic on clearance for $10 earlier this week, so what's a ham to do? Bought all the stuff and spent some time this week soldering a footswitch/mic interface to the rig. Tried it last night, and it seems that I have a bit more mic gain than with the original Icom mic!

    On my first CQ got a very weak mobile station in AZ from my 20M bent dipole @75W. I also got an eyeball QSO with the neighbor lady downstairs who was watching the VMA's and had the unintentional priviledge of listening to my QSO in her speakers.

    Of course to stay in the good graces of the neighbors and the apt complex she will get a visit from the RFI Fairy. Anyway, I was just really happy that my gadget worked like its supposed to and exceeded my expectations. Just wanted to share.

  2. WA6CAW

    WA6CAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    What are the corollaries involved here??

    1.) Most RFI problems stem from foot switches.
    2.) Mic gain will increase when using a foot switch.
    3.) All foot switch kits should include an RFI filter/choke kit, and mic gain pots to install.
    4.) Manuals describing the first conversation dialogue for RFI with the neighbors.
    5.) A person can talk longer with a foot switch compared to a hand PTT(oop's) switch.
    6.) Hand/desk mics cost less because RFI is not a related problem
    7.) When sending code, foot switches are next to impossible.
    8.) Always be sure to use a left footed switch rather than a right foot sw, because RFI is not ambidextrous(?)

    Oh well, you get the point........or not!
  3. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the mic gain comment I made was slightly tongue in cheek. I guess my "smart" tone of voice doesn't transfer to text. Must be RFI in my keyboard. Are you suggesting that I could use two foot pedals and get twice the gain?
  4. WA6CAW

    WA6CAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Absolutely, 2 foot pedals, ahhhhh, that would be "push pull", will give an estimated 1.9X the output, and that would be "peak to peak".

    I hope you took all my comments with tongue in cheek also. I like to be cynical with my humor, which sometimes it is taken with a negative view point. Nothing like that was intended, just good natured chat.

    Don't take anything on here too seriously, and we all have fun.

    sorry, Sincerely,
    Lou Marvin
  5. K6UEY

    K6UEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have to disagree with the speculation of the power increase with the use of 2 foot switches . I have used foot switch exclusively for the last 35 years and I find that is not correct. Even to the point of using identical RS foot switches they do tend to wear out by the way and the cost of replacement every 5 or so years means another $2.50 out of the lunch money budget.Back on topic of the power gain,the 2 switches are push pull as they are 180 degrees out of phase one, being left and the other being right, assuming normal anatomy,the vector sum of 2 equal magnitudes ,180 degrees out of phase is ZERO . I would suggest you wire them in a push-push configuration then they will add and minus any losses you will have close to 2x the out put .
    You have to consult the books on these kind of things, often there is more than what is obvious to the casual observer.
    ENJOY!! There is more to life than boredom.....   73,   ORV
  6. WA2ZDY

    WA2ZDY Guest

    Well Adam, I'm glad I looked your call up BEFORE posting this. But you notice I'm posting it anyway.

    How does the neighbour lady look? That's the important thing here. Hmmmm . . . !

    Good luck, ferrite cores on EVERYTHNG! And perhaps if your ground isn't the best, an MFJ "artificial ground." It's the only piece of Mr Jue's product like I'll recommend. But I had one and it did what it was supposed to do, and very well indeed.
  7. WA6CAW

    WA6CAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Alright, we're on a roll here.

    ORV, we can simplfiy this system by making a better driver, or better driver foot switch. By means of a relay, one switch can key 2 switches, thereby providing the P-P action necessary.

    But wait..........We can parallel that system with another driver to PP switches, and achieve possibly 4X the output or is that the "outswitch"

    Poor Adam, the originator of this post. Seems like a nice guy, and here we have made silliness out of his serious outcome.
    Bad, bad,bad.

    I did notice he said that the DX was weaker with the foot sw.
    Maybe needs a matching transformer for the sw........Hmmmmmmmmm what is the impedance of 2 switches in parallel? Let's see, Capacitors in series are like resistors in parallel, so switches in parallel are.......oh quit it.!!
  8. AG3Y

    AG3Y Guest

    Now Orv, generally you are always correct, but in this instance, you have it all WRONG. Push Pull switches MUST be operated individually and in the proper order, in order to give you the power gain that you are looking for. Remember, the one side is always UP when the other side is DOWN! Getting the right cadence is half the battle.

    I might also mention that as the frequency goes up, the efficiency would tend to increase up til a specific point, at which it would tend to reverse and drop back down again. ( Probably about the time when the ankles tend to drop off ! )

    Of course, if you operate the switches in the wrong order ( that is, when the one side is DOWN and the other side is UP ) , all bets are off !

    I hope this is all clear to everyone involved!

    A very tongue in cheek 73 to all from AG3Y [​IMG]
  9. N0KLT

    N0KLT QRZ Member QRZ Page

    You know, there is a serious chance that several of you people have WAY too much time on your hands. [​IMG]

    Have a weekend, folks


    Gary NØKLT
  10. KC0KVU

    KC0KVU Ham Member QRZ Page

    ZDY- Like a MACK truck.  And, no, I admit I'm not well grounded (pun intended)

    I have taken Lou's advice and picked up another pedal at RS.  They have now been arranged in a push-pull config, facing towards the constellation Aries, within the confluence of the Jupiter/Pluto flux capacitance.  Upon securing them on a footboard I turned on my favorite thrash metal album to help me keep the correct cadence.  I received a reply from a musician in California who wondered how I got that neat "Hammond Effect" over the air.  Guess it works alright.  Now I have to figure out who's been playing with the lamp and turning it on and off incessantly when I'm trying to operate.

    Hey Lou, I was just happy it worked! I'll deal with the neighbor like I deal with spiders on my 2M beam! Naw, ferrite beads are on me tonight.

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