NYU Files Petition for Declaratory Ruling to Clarify 97.113(a)4 of the Commission's Rules

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W6EM, Oct 25, 2019.

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  1. N1FM

    N1FM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sad, but very true.
  2. KA9Q

    KA9Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    Qualcomm was not in the meeting. Two ex-employees of Qualcomm were there, speaking for themselves: Tom Lafleur KA6IQA and myself, KA9Q.
    He's long retired from Qualcomm as well. To my knowledge he has never been a ham. Nor have I ever heard him express any interest in ham radio, and given the reactionary attitude of many existing hams I can't really blame him.

    I did implement, on my own, his famous algorithm in an open source software package used by several ham and non-ham projects to date. I wouldn't have done so had the ham rules prioritized "monitorability" over experimentation, education and technical advancement.
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  3. KA9Q

    KA9Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    Chris told me his specialty is biotech, of which there is plenty in the San Diego area.
  4. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yup, bringing it back to the top for a reason.

    It has come to my attention one of the usual suspect loose cannons is attempting to generate comments on the ECFS to support the RRI "attack" declaration. Just a word of caution for anyone contemplating succumbing to the desperate plea for comments, read the RRI filing on the ECFS first. If you agree with the content in that document then please by all means take the knee jerk route and use the lemming talking points RRI provides, but be forewarned
    the ECFS filing is 80% incorrect information and 20% cheap shot hit piece. Think before commenting, many won't and I thank them profusely in advance for the help.

    A further food for thought question, why is RRI opposed to open over the air copy and what are they in danger of loosing? Why the desperation?
  5. N1FM

    N1FM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Interesting. I've never heard of Radio Relay International. Nice of K3RF to serve as their pro bono solicitor.

    "Radio Relay International is pleased to announce Robert B. Famiglio, Esq., K3RF of Media, Pennsylvania was unanimously confirmed as its solicitor by the board of directors at its recent meeting."

    "An ARRL member of more than fifty years, he served as the elected section manager for eastern Pennsylvania until winning a hotly contested race for a three year term as vice director of the Atlantic division in 2014."

    Said RRI’s chairman Joe Ames W3JY, a long-time friend and colleague, “Bob’s an incredibly talented, driven man. He understands radio and he understands public service because he lives the life. We couldn’t be happier he signed on with RRI.”


    "RRI is the leading traffic handling outfit for operators in the U.S.A. and Canada with affiliates worldwide including in the UK, EU, Oceania, and beyond. By supporting the communication needs of local residents (see RRI’s National Communication Strategy and the highly regarded National SOS Radio Network program) our goal is to introduce Americans, especially young people, to ham radio via the purposeful use of two-way radio in their own homes and neighborhoods."

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  6. W3WN

    W3WN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Knowing something of W3JY's background... I think it's fair to say that RRI is not exactly in the ARRL camp.

    I am surprised that K3RF is involved in RRI, though. Considering his current position, there is a case that could be made for a conflict of interest -- a real one this time, not the one the old Board faked to remove his candidacy.
  7. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    It just gets better if you dig deeper. I'm not sure who wrote the RRI filing but it's a mess of incorrect information if one looks at it without any bias.
  8. N1FM

    N1FM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Interesting. The Digital Traffic Net (RRI) was once the National Traffic System (but not the ARRL NTS) ?


    WINLINK closing down? There are alternatives
    July 12

    "There are still a number of HF MBO operating in the United States under what is call the Digital Traffic network (DTN) which is part of the Radio Relay International (RRI) which was at one time called the National Traffic System (NTS) but the RRI an DTN are not affiliated with the ARRL at all. Here is a link to the DTN with page with all the frequencies an Stations"


    "If you look under each of the Area Digital Guidelines an scroll down you will see all the digital stations, their frequencies, an what they can do .... All Stations except one in Indiana operate BPQ32 an have both MBO/BBS an Winlink ports, so if Winlink goes away on the amateur side these station will still operate digital MBO/BBS most in Pactor an a couple in Winmor ..."

    73 Chuck W5KAV
    Amateur Radio is a hobby...
    Amateur Radio Emergency Communications is a commitment!







    https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/1050830052555/FOR FILING - RRI Published Comments FCC RM-11708.pdf


    http://radio-relay.org/about/publications/ (General info about RRI publications)
  9. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Primarily disaffected ARRL traffic handlers that started their own organization in 2016. The Cascadia Rising SET that same year played a large part in the formation of RRI, details of that and additional background can be found here.
    Short version, cat fight between HQ, ARES and NTS led to RRI, long standing issues.
  10. N1FM

    N1FM Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I remember the Joe Ames business. He seemed like a competent manager, but upper management felt he had gone beyond the parameters of his authority; he sued, lost, if I remember correctly, and then, apparently, he joined RRI?

    If they pass traffic and have used Pactor II and III and advocated for Pactor IV, I can understand their belief that the NYU petition and RM-11831 ought to be dismissed. Interesting how one time antagonists can join in common cause.

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