Nulsom NS-RS232 - Fits inside DE-9 hood

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by W9GB, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. W9GB

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    Looking to DIY Build that Programming Cable for your Hand-Held or Mobile Radio?
    Can also be used for Computer Control of your modern radio (CAT, CI-V, Kenwood).

    This is an Easy Approach (radio’s 3.3V or 5V TTL) for RS-232 support.
    These modules are popular with Arduino and AVR/ATmega users.

    Nulsom, Inc. (Korea)
    Available for purchase on Amazon.

    The Nulsom NS-RS232 converter can operate at a data rate of 235 Kbps (230,400bps).
    The drivers can guarantee a date rate of 120Kbps (115,200bps) fully loaded with 3KΩ in
    parallel with 1,000pF, ensuring compatibility with PC-to-PC communication software.
    Available with DE-9F (-01 option) or DE-9M (-02 option).
    E851BE27-6E02-44A7-B901-91923F57CE4D.jpeg 4B883C9F-26D2-49DE-943B-1ED78020E405.jpeg

    - Convert TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) level signals to RS232 interface
    - DE-9 connector (male or female) mounting (RS-232)
    - Supports 3V ~ 5.5V power supply (You can use this on both your 3.3V and 5V projects.)
    - RTS, CTS (control lines) available on board

    Nulsom NS-RS232 User Manual
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