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Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by kc0vrs, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. kc0vrs

    kc0vrs Banned

    I plan on calling her on Thursday evening. Not sure if she will be busy or not, but it is worth the try.
  2. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    If she turns you down, just give her my phone---

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  3. K6PME

    K6PME Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you have been friends for 6 months and you get along great then she's probably just dying for you to ask her out. And probably just as nervous as you. Personally, I would opt for the informal approach as stated earlier.

    "I'm hungry and was going to lunch. Would you like to go with me? My treat".
  4. kc0vrs

    kc0vrs Banned

    PM me with your number.
  5. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    You comments are definitely unwarranted and can be construed as a personal attack. I strongly suggest that you edit or delete them immediately. Otherwise stronger action concerning your ability to post on this site may be taken.

    Frankly, one of the hardest things for most teenage boys to do is to ask a girl out, especially the first few times. That has NOTHING to do with getting one's amateur radio operator's license.

    Glen, K9STH
    One of the moderators
  6. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    Having been a teenage boy myself, and also being the father of 3 daughters (all now married), there is something that you have to consider.

    The fact that she said to call her later in the week may be a sign that she is waiting to see if she gets a better offer. Now, such may not be the case in your individual situation. However, based on my personal experience and by watching my 3 daughters I am inclined to think that way.

    However, since she did ask you to call later in the week is a good sign in the fact that she is probably willing to be seen in public with you. This is definitely better than the "I have to wash my hair" excuse, and certainly better than the dreaded "I wouldn't date you if you were the last amoeba on Earth".

    Even if she doesn't accept this time, the door is still open. Try again in a week, or two. If she really cannot go out with you this weekend, and if she is definitely interested in you, she might suggest a time that would be more convenient for her. You might even suggest that she pick a time. Don't "press it", but she might come up with something that works out fine.

    If you try several times and get the same treatment then you are going to have to realize that she just isn't interested. However, she also doesn't want to hurt your feelings. If that is the case, just consider her a friend but don't push for a date. Things just might change in the future.

    Glen, K9STH
  7. KE7VE

    KE7VE Banned QRZ Page

    What a great thread! (except for one weird comment)


    Listen up, I’m going to give you what will probably be the best advice you ever receive in your life. So, pay attention. The reason you asked this question is because you are self conscious, embarrassed, or perhaps a little shy. The direct approach is best, just ask, but how do you beat how you feel?

    DO THIS. Go to a mall, a place with lots of people, somewhere where you aren’t known, and you’ll never see these people again. Go up to people, introduce yourself, offer to shake their hand, say thanks, and move on to the next person you see. Keep doing this until doing it does not bother you in the least, regardless of who you’re meeting. Old people, men, women, sweet young girls, whatever or whoever is next. You should be an expert at this with 50 people, maybe it will take longer. Keep doing it until it has no effect on you. Remember when you start, these people will never see you again so who cares what they think. Now if someone asks what you are doing just tell them, “ I’m a little self conscious about meeting people I don’t know, so decided to come to the mall and meet people until it didn’t bother me.”

    Now let me tell you a story and a little extra.

    A long time ago, and far, far away, when I was a teenager, I got invited to a party by a fellow I really didn’t know well, but decided to go. When I showed up, there was no one there that I knew except that one guy. Well I felt about the same way you do asking this girl out, uncomfortable. I did not have a particularly good time at this party, but spent some time thinking about that and two days later decided to do something about it. You see, I realized the problem was me, and I needed to be fixed. I went to the West Seneca Mall, just south of Buffalo, NY, and started introducing myself to everyone there. I don’t think I needed to spend 2 hours there until doing this didn’t bother me. Only one older gentleman (maybe in his 30’s) asked me, “What are you doing? I said, “Two days ago I was at this party and didn’t know anyone there, and felt really self conscious about introducing myself, didn’t have a good time and so decided to come here to the Mall and introduce myself to people until it didn’t bother me anymore.”. He said, “God!, that’s really a good idea. Good luck!”

    I want you to train yourself to meet/confront anyone and not have it bother you. This is the basic problem with asking girls out, in fact most people have this problem to greater or lesser degree and not just with girls. Imagine you do what I do for a living, make an oil and gas prospect, and then go around meeting people you don’t know trying to get them to give you thousands of dollars for a part interest in it so you can drill it. Think you can do that? Asking girls out is easier. Go to the mall and try it. What you learn will serve you well the rest of your life, at parties, dances, in bars, at job interviews, or in running your own business.

    Good Luck!
    Marty WB2RJR
  8. kc0vrs

    kc0vrs Banned

    that really hurts my feelings and I am not lying.
  9. kc0vrs

    kc0vrs Banned

    Thank you Glen for giving your say about that comment was said to me.
  10. KF0RT

    KF0RT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Don't let it bug you, Brandon. Insensitive clods are also a big part of life. Don't take it personally; it'll only drag you down.

    I'm still loving this thread. You've received some superb advice here (from hams!!! what is up with that??) -- advice I wish I had when I was your age.

    It's all "spot on" from my perspective except for MKV's remark. But, I want to add a little. Be patient. Most guys don't end up with their "first love." In fact, most "first love" situations are heartbreakers for the guys as well as the girls. What you're gaining here is experience that will hopefully lead to a gal you can spend the rest of your years with.

    In the advanced course, you'll learn how to pay attention to the girl's parents and her upbringing. This ultimately sets the expectations you will be held to. But, that door swings both ways, too. Ultimately, the girls aren't that different from the boys -- they have the same insecurities and desires.

    And the odds are good that you'll meet "the one" when you least expect it. I met my wife (no joke) at a ham radio picnic. She was living with her sis and bro-in-law at the time (both hams), but had no interest in the hobby. It was just something to do that day. We celebrated our 27th anniversary a couple of weeks ago and are now grandparents. Needless to say, she "accepts" my ham eccentricities without question.

    At 17, I think you're mostly taking practice exams for the Extra, so to speak. Don't get me wrong, this is GOOD. And I really hope your gal says yes. You will learn a lot either way, however. Just don't let it stop you if it doesn't work out. Half of the battle is just realizing that there are a lot of girls out there and some of the best aren't models.

    vy 73, Rob
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