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Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by N4CY, Aug 21, 2019.

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  1. N4CY

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    I just finished building and testing 4 Norton Amplifiers. The amplifiers were designed using a combination of designs by Dallas Lankford, Jack Smith and Steve Ratzlaff . I designed the PCBs and Steve did most of the experiments looking at best combination of matching transformers and feedback transformers that gave the best frequency response and IMD properties.

    The Norton Preamplifiers are built and adjusted for best 2IMD properties and frequency response. The typically 3dB frequency span is 100kHz to 40MHz. The preamp gain is 11.5dB +/- 5dB at 1 MHz and the IMD OIP2 is 80dB +/-5dB and the OIP3 is 40dB +/- 5dB. Supply voltage is 12-14V at about 40 mA.

    The Preamps are built on high quality circuit boards with ground planes on both sides of the board. The preamplifiers are using matched pairs of 2N5109 transistors. The preamplifiers are designed with a Bias Tee option and only need a jumper on the board to activate the Bias Tee, which will allow the power to be feed through the coax if desired. The input is floating above ground, but can be grounded with a jumper.

    Having a floating input will allow you to connect the preamp input directly to a large loop antenna, which is what I am doing here at my QTH. My loop has a 60' circumference and with the Norton amp connected to it works very well in the LW, MW and HF bands.

    The price is $74.00, which included shipping via First Class mail. I also have some BiasTee (Power Injector) boards for an additional $5 each, $79 with the power injector.

    The power injector board is pictured just to the right of the Norton amp.

    If interested I can be contacted off list at

    Everett N4CY

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