Nonfunctional PTT macro commands in FLdigi

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by KG6U, Jan 13, 2021.

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  1. KG6U

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    Using Windows 10 with an external USB to DB9 converter and homebrew simple interface to reverse the logic sense of the serial DTR or RTS to trigger the PTT line on the rig. This is working fine in WSJT-X. But in FLdigi (rev 4 xx) the macro keys for the buttons "TX>>" and "RX||" do not force any change in DTR or RTS voltages. Strangely, the macro key "TX/RX" works just fine - it switches the serial port voltages but it is a toggle, not a unique state so it is not able to set a requested RX or TX.
    Looking at the macro command text, I see <RX> and <TX> are associated with these non-working buttons.
    The toggle button "RX/TX" which works, is the macro command <TX/RX>.
    This issue means that any of the TX macros such as CQ, etc do not work, since the all begin with <TX> and end with <RX>.
    The remaining entries in the TX macros work OK and the audio is sent out the speaker port and appears on the waterfall but DTR or RTS is not triggered.
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  2. KG6U

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    OK, nevermind! Somehow this AM I was testing the serial port voltages again and they are working correctly. I am not sure what I changed - probably I was confused about the "RTS+4V" and "DTR+4V" selections in the PTT setup, and how they interact with the "Initialize" button. I must have not been paying attention when reading the instructions.
    As a side note, trying to test the port using FLrig alone, was unsucessful and didn't behave like it does with FLdigi. After setting my correct COM port, "Initialize" kept setting the port back to "NONE". Also Flrig seems to be missing any buttons to save the configuration, perhaps by design? And quitting and re-starting FLrig several times I always found it went back to default settings.

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