no compelling reason to "upgrade" to 11

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by KL7AJ, Dec 28, 2021.

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  1. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why would code that has Security holes in the first place be released ??? (Spyware is my guess o_O)

    I have yet to see a MS Security update that protected me and my computer.

    People get paranoid about needing updates for no reason.
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  2. WB0QPO

    WB0QPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Why would code that has Security holes in the first place be released ???" Because humans are error prone and make mistakes! Yep, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. :)

    Maybe the reason you haven't seen proof an update has protected you and your computer is because the update it's doing its job?

    And, yep, some updates break things. (go back to my first statement)

    Even the big 'perfect' Apple, even with it's very limited HW products (compared to what uSoft has to content with) has had their screw-ups over the years.

    Have you read about that latest open source debacle? (Log4j and its siblings). No one is immune from imperfect humans. There's enough crap going around to keep everybody busy. :)
  3. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Now, I think, you are misunderstanding what I'm saying. In fact, I don't know what you think I said. If you read the update information, there was no indication that the update for the IME was a security issue. A security update was simply included with it. So I still don't care about the IME update. I do wish it could be split away from the actual security update, but it can't. So if you install it, you get them both.

    I thought I was a fringe computer user, because I do install all updates. Not immediately, but they do get installed no matter what they are for. I was just expressing that I don't like updating stuff that I have no user for.
  4. WB0QPO

    WB0QPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't think you're a fringe user just because you install the updates (maybe on QRZ, but not the typical user :) )

    My apologies. I read more into your comments than needed and got a little carried away.

    I tend to err on the side of caution and keep everything updated. Sounds like you do also.
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  5. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, They need to be fired. o_O

    Needing a 1 gig (+) Update so often is no small mistake...
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  6. WF9Q

    WF9Q XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Some of the really old protocols were developed back in the day when you did not have hostile actors to deal with. That stuff does clearly have an issue with security.

    Keep in mind an excellent selling tool is "scare" and "fear". Notice how they want you to store everything on their "cloud" so if you get attacked and lose local data you can recover from the "cloud" storage. That is just a drop in the bucket..
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  7. KK4NSF

    KK4NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Fearmongering has become the tool du jour for selling everything from vitamins to presidents, including computer "upgrades". It works because the general public is too stupid to realize they are being manipulated.
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  8. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very Well Said. :) Sad but true.
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  9. WJ4U

    WJ4U Subscriber QRZ Page

    Everything, from detergent to electronics to food, "new and improved!" I guess the stuff they used to sell was pure garbage? :confused:
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  10. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm not worried about it. IMNSHO most personal users worry FAR too much about such - and my computer has become far more stable since I stopped letting M$ mess with it at their whim.
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