News from WIA Board - Date : 16 / 05 / 2018

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK3VM, May 18, 2018.

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  1. VK3VM

    VK3VM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    This news item should raise concerns for Australian Amateurs and all Amateurs Internationally that are subject to Political Institutions that also have contractual powers with their local regulatory authorities:


    For all Australian Amateurs, remember that we have a right of freedom of association. The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) also encourages membership of Clubs ….

    To explain this news item, some members are being nominated for expulsion; some former/non-members that are having "renewal bans" placed upon them.

    Some under this "notification" are Licence Assessors.

    For those internationally that are unaware, The WIA has a contract with the Australian Regulator - The ACMA - to manage licensing and assessment services. Assessors are managed and qualified through the WIA.

    The WIA places a "compulsion" to be a member of the organisation in place to remain as an Assessor - based on coverage under the WIA's General (3) insurances. Compulsion for membership and being an Assessor is NOT specified in the WIA - ACMA Deed of Arrangement - It just appears in Assessor Guidelines Version 7.0.

    A basic premise of "risk" is that it is something carried by the individual …

    Therefore certain individuals will, if the WIA prosecutes these individuals under their processes, have their "mechanical" rights and qualifications terminated (and their right to qualify other Amateurs) because of what is perceived by some to be political disagreements and actions/inquiries that they are making/having to take to protect themselves (i.e. they will have their WIA membership cancelled)…

    Some call this persecution and retribution; some call this justice in the name of trying to save the WIA and silence dissent...

    Note that many concerns have been raised about this "ability" with Senior officers of the ACMA and Australian Government. The Minister for Communications and The Arts, Senator Fifield and his staff have repeatedly been contacted - but they deflect and have REPEATEDLY IGNORED requests from Amateurs, including myself (who was until recently a constituent under Senator Fifield's local representative area) to even answer concerns or speak about issues.

    Now concerns are being realised....

    Due to the nature of events please be very careful what you post back here.

    Further information and concerns can be raised with The WIA, ACMA and Minster for Communications and Arts in Australia .
  2. WU8Y

    WU8Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh, goodie! Board-bashing on Teh Zed that isn't about the ARRL.

    And the obligatory "They're gonna get you!" bash.
  3. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Give it a rest Joel! Bashers don't exist if they're right.
  4. VK3QB

    VK3QB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    To gain an insight from one of the members who is being considered for expulsions, follow this link.

    The WIA does not respond well to people who criticise its actions, question board misconduct or join another representative organisation.

    Sad times indeed. Let's hope common sense prevails and some real justice is considered.

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