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Newbie collecting gear; Do I want this antenna? Shakespeare #318-GBT

Discussion in 'Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator/Upgrading Privi' started by LITTLEJOE, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Hello, In anticipation of passing my general in february, I've started to collect some gear. I have an opportunity to obtain into my possession a very large antenna. It has the name Shakespeare on it, with the number 318-GBT and a smaller set of letters under that, BKT. It's 17 feet long, comes apart about 6 feet up with the radials up about 12 feet. Does anyone know what this is for? Is it worth storing away for the future, if I can't use it now? Any information on this antenna would be most helpful. Thank you for reading this post. -LittleJoe
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    I found an eham review of it, and it's a 10 meter vertical. Probably great if you're working other local stations using verticals on 10 meters, OK for working distant stations when the band is open.

    However, there may not be much local 10 meter activity and they may not be using verticals. 10 is not open much now, though we are in the winter Eskip season, so there should be some openings. Eskip will peak in early summer. 10 pops open for other kinds of propagation from time to time, but it's all fairly sporadic.

    When we get higher in the sunspot cycle, probably in another year or 18 months, 10 will be open in the daytime almost every day from October to May.

    You can use this antenna now as Tech. The whole point of getting the General is to be able to work the other HF bands, where this antenna will be pretty much useless. It's a single band affair.
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