New Years Resolutions

Discussion in 'Youth Forum' started by VE6WTF, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. VE6WTF

    VE6WTF Ham Member QRZ Page

    My resolution would be to stop Budging into peoples converstations on HF just to get a signal report if I need one.

    And to watch my posts a little more carefully on qrz here,
    I wouldnt want to get myself banned... what would you guys do without me?

    anyone else have ham related resolutions
  2. KI4SYC

    KI4SYC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I hereby resolve to either get a new power supply so I can get back on the air or get the broken one repaired.
  3. KI4BNC

    KI4BNC Ham Member QRZ Page

    1-get my ic735 repaired
    2- more ground rods.
    3-reroute the rotoe control cable for my 10m stuff.
    4-get my 10m mobile back and get it repaired or repair it myself.
  4. WS2L

    WS2L Guest

    Get a microphone for my HF rig so I can get on SSB from time to time. [​IMG]
  5. VA7AAX

    VA7AAX Ham Member QRZ Page

    to be courteous and also not be a "599" person.
    Also to be more involved in EMCOMM

    73 de va7aax
    Happy New Year
  6. VO1GXG

    VO1GXG Ham Member QRZ Page

    VE6WTF I thought u were shot or something over there in Alberta ;)

    This years resolution is to put up a tower, get the job operating VO1AA station at signal hill, buy a HF mobile setup. Thats about it.
  7. VE6WTF

    VE6WTF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well I came close a few times. But I can run kinda fast so I havent gotten shot yet. [​IMG]
  8. K4LD

    K4LD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Fix my Ameritron AL-811
    Order a Palstar antenna tuner
    work 78 more countries to give me 200 countries worked
    Get the cards back from 44 other countries a submit the paper work for DXCC
  9. k0dxc

    k0dxc Guest

    Good one, I was thinking about throwing my Mic away! [​IMG]
  10. KU0DM

    KU0DM Guest

    (Calvin...sell him your microphone!)

    Brush up on my CW
    Save the whales, go QRP
    Build more, been neglecting my privileges to build and operate amateur radio equipment (first project is a laser/light transceiver, got directions from QEX)
    Embrace UHF weak signal

    actually...scratch that last one...
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