new V2 logbook, no way to confirm contacts?

Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by F4GUV, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. OE7TTT

    OE7TTT Ham Member QRZ Page

    ALEX; PERFECT; please leave it like now !!!!

    Perfect: Latest logged contacts:

    Thanks a lot, you are the best !
  2. IU2ABV

    IU2ABV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Txs a lot Alex, I dind't want to put any anxiety in your staff, I was only trying to let you know that something had to be fixed up !
    I really apreciate your work.
    IU2ABV Fabio
  3. KC7ERI

    KC7ERI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Kc7eri yes yes yes if it not broke dont fix it change back to the old log!!!works for me
  4. WA0FDV

    WA0FDV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some people are too full of themselves to leave well enough alone.
  5. N2ADV

    N2ADV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't typically enter my log on QRZ (doing eqsl and LoTW is quite enough for me) but I did confirm contacts if someone entered it into QRZ just as a nicety when it was just a matter of adding a check mark. Now I'm getting PM's requesting I enter whole entries into the log. That ain't flying with me. I really like the interface otherwise but having to upload logs instead of just clicking a box is really annoying. I maintain enough logs as it is. Is there any way to turn off the PM's?
  6. N5INP

    N5INP Ham Member QRZ Page

    If I may quote you ...

    This is why the upcoming award system will not work very well - or at all, and why most of my QSO's here are unconfirmed, and will probably remain so forever. You'd have to get a --> large <-- majority of QRZ users to upload their logs all the time. I have not heard of any plan as to how the management here is going to get that to happen.

    Until then, any award that anyone gets in the future will be mostly based on the small chance that they have made QSOs with members who consistently upload logs. I would venture many hams will not get any award, not because they don't deserve it, but because the other parties do not upload the required data.
  7. KE3FG

    KE3FG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My return rate on eQSL is 15%, and on LOTW it is 35%. Paper QSL return when I sent a SASE was a bit more than 50%. Some people do not want to QSL even when you make it easy for them. That is the reality of our hobby. Try not to get upset when people have a different outlook on the hobby.
  8. N5INP

    N5INP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where did I say I was upset?

    I'm merely pointing out that the upcoming award system, IMHO, won't work very well because of the lack of commitment by many users here to upload the logs.

    Don't shoot the messenger.
  9. N0AMT

    N0AMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi, I'm not sure I understand how going through and clicking the checkmark for each and every individual incoming QSO is any more difficult than a single ADIF upload that does your part for the entire group of logs you upload?

    You admittedly use LoTW which is double-blind just like QRZ, so why is QRZ the target of your frustration? The Private Messages are getting out of control, and we're working on a solution to allow you to opt-out of confirmation requests, or confirmation notification. Hopefully we can get that done today.

    And this statement also applies to eQSL, LoTW, etc... The systems can only verify what information has been given to them.

    As of right now, more than 22% (and growing) of all QSOs in V2 are confirmed. This is significantly better then V1 which has just over 18%. One thing that helps is that ADIF uploads have been made available to everyone.
  10. N2ADV

    N2ADV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Because I upload to eqsl and LoTW from HRD... For eqsl, that is automatic the second I hit F7. For LoTW, I just hit the LoTW upload button. I don't download my log to an ADIF and then upload it to those systems. If I had to do so, I would not waste time on both. Sorry, but I am not spending the time to do that for QRZ.
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