New rig from LZ2JR:

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by AE5X, May 18, 2019.

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  1. K7JOE

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    Still seems like a mismatch to me, Petr. -- backward looking 30 years ago technology, low power output.. I am sure the receiver is quiet, but then if I am in field portable operating I am not putting it onto a 4 element monoband yagi but rather a dipole etc or some other portable antenna and the need for high performance receiver is unnecessary on such a simple and likely high Q antenna. Again, if portable I do care about current consumption, but difference between 0.6A and 2A inside my shack if I AM using the big antenna to enjoy the reciever benefit becomes meaningless when hooked to a AC mains power supply. I know I can get service from multiple service centers in USA, Germany, Japan, if I buy from bigger manufacturer.... From Chinese maker, if it breaks i am only losing $399 ..... and I don't worry and buy a new one. Listening to the AGC thump and pump on this gives me a headache...
    Silent QSK is very nice, but TenTec had this decades ago. Even the inexpensive IC-7300 is not too loud with relay clicking along with some very simple modification. And in the field, who cares because I'm wearing headphones... can not even hear the click.

    As a business person, unless price is $450 or less, I do not see selling many of this product. Maybe 25 to 50 pieces ? It's a unicorn radio.
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  2. OK1RP

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  3. OK1RP

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    Thanks for your comment. Even although the mass-production is not started yet, the first LOT of pre-production is depleted... the second lot of 20pcs is coming to be available soon.

    73 - Petr
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  4. OK1RP

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  5. OK1RP

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    latest firmware revision is available to upload on your RGO ONE transceiver.

    OK1RP - Ham radio in Renaissance...: Latest fw revision 2.20A for RGO ONE is now available

    This version includes some improvements in MB and FP microprocessors clock rate, speed and correct timing.
    Setting proper clock rate for MB processor. (Clock frequency away from HAM bands). Main board microprocessor clock can be heard near 20m band (actually image signal) like “crackling wideband noise”. With this version MB clock rate is adjusted little lower so not to disturb 20m reception.
    Added MENU 81 – FCAL2 correction coefficient (coarse calibration) for SI570 VCO chip. If your RGO ONE is calibrated without FCAL2 then parameter value of MENU 81 would be zero. Low pass filters (LPF) in PA module now are switched only on TX and disabled on RX. This is part of a LARGE SIGNAL HANDLING MOD. Along with added pull down resistor in LPF board, this mod significantly improves RX dynamic range and LW/MW BCI immunity.

    73 - Petr, OK1RP
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  6. KK7SS

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    Hi Petr,

    Any update or news about the Noise Blanker option?
    Local Noise is usually about S6-S8 (I'm in the middle of town 30 Meters from main highway!)

    73 Dave, KK7SS

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