New resource to help fight noise (QRM)

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by VK3QB, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. VK3QB

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    QRM Guru is a new online resource by hams for hams. is built on a Knowledgebase platform and provides radio amateurs with tried and tested tools and techniques to help combat QRM at a local level.

    Noise comes in all forms... garage door openers, LED Downlight, TV masthead amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, solar system inverters, battery chargers, power line noise, garden lights, walking machines, wallwart chargers... you get the idea.

    Whilst created with the VK ham in mind, all the of resource apply equally well where-ever you are. The section on Regulatory compliance and dealing with the regulator is VK focused, but you may be able to apply certain approaches with your local regulator.

    Being built on a Knowledge base platform means you can type in a search phrase or keyword and the system will find posts/articles that best meet your search criteria.

    There are a great series of videos to introduce the topics, help build a DF loop and hints n tips in tracking down noise. There are also a series of case studies from local hams who have achieved successful outcomes using the tools and techniques presented.

    Head on over to and take a look around. Talk aboutt it at your local club and make it a club project to go kill some QRM.

    Please send us your feedback and experiences. We welcome all input and hope that this resource may help you in killing (or at least reducing) your QRM interference.

    73, Chris VK3QB and Ian VK3BUF... and the whole team of people who have contributed to this project

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