Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WA4SIX, Nov 8, 2019.

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  1. WA4SIX

    WA4SIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, the Wife & I finally made it to the new house in Florida. Might have to take down a few small trees, or transplant them, to put up the tower (Military surplus steel 15' sections). Will put up 2 sections with a 6' rotator topper.That's 36' to the top. For now, I will just have a 6 meter yagi (CC 5L) with longer boom & more elements, as the aluminum pile allows.
    I have to pour a rather large base, as the sandy soil will need more yardage (My guess). It will have a 10' 4" SCH.80 pipe with winch & pulley at the top for laying over the tower.
    I have some trees to play with on the southern end. (Property boundary is the tree line & we are already looking into the next lot over). Probably a 40'ish AGL 80/40/20 fan dipole. Maybe just 80 & 40.
    6BTV will go ground mount with foldover between the house & tree line towards the pond. Tower should be mid yard between the house & tree line.!8m2!3d26.8417229!4d-81.9920952

    STLs will abound.

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  2. N7WR

    N7WR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Looks nice but neighbors too close to suit me. Looking at the aerial of the area I have to wonder if there is an HOA.
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  3. WA4SIX

    WA4SIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    No HOA at all. Neighbors are great. Already met them all in August, when I signed on the house & replaced the electrical service. Explained the ham radio (And that I would assist in mitigating any issues) & the 6 parrots. So far, we have had fresh eggs, homemade cookies, smoked venison & smoked mullet dropped off in 3 days.

    All neighbors are just ecstatic to have the former homeowner gone, as She thought it should be an HOA. If you expand out, you can see 4WD trucks & swamp buggies in many yards.

    Already invited several to a cookout this weekend. I'll get them drunk & see what they are really like.

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  4. WW2PT

    WW2PT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Welcome to Hurricane Alley! You’re about 170 miles southeast of me (Cedar Key). Don’t know how conditions are down by you, but when I first moved to CK and hooked up the rig for the first time, I had to check the antenna connections because the background noise level was S-zero. Turned out the antenna was fine; it really is that quiet here.

    Good luck and good DX! :D
  5. W4ZD

    W4ZD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Smoked mullet... yum. My Dad and uncle used to go mullet fishing, using a large net rather than a pole. Long, long time ago when we lived south of Miami. Good luck getting the rig back on the air. :)
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  6. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice piece of property.. love the pond! You can go /MM from your backyard :cool: Looks like some decent space for antennas.
  7. WA4SIX

    WA4SIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Been to CK. Transported a forklift there about 10 years ago for a shellfish company. Cop pulled me over on the way into town, just to make sure I knew where I was going. Dropped it off. Went in a small lunch place & was asked if I was the Forklift guy. Quaint little town. Kind of like where I grew up in Cohasset, MA.

    We lived in the Melbourne area for a few years 02, 03, 04 & know the hurricanes intimately. Made dry ice for 5 months straight.
    We also lived in Port Charlotte & it was pretty noisy. Where I am, it should be rather quiet.

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  8. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Cool! You've got your own alligator pond! :p:p
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  9. WA4SIX

    WA4SIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I dragged my 12' mullet net around the desert southwest, because I knew we would end up back here.
    I have already planned a brick propane grill, smoker & pizza oven. I already know the inspector pretty well. In fact, he wants me to do electric service swaps, after he saw how I did mine, without a disconnect.

  10. WA4SIX

    WA4SIX Ham Member QRZ Page

    2 small ones in the pond. Not even worth the effort, but the neighbors all would like to see them gone. Who knows....


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